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Monthly Horoscopes : Virgo (August 23 – September 22) Your Monthly Forecast JANUARY 2017

As a Virgo, you are so diligent about getting projects done that it is often hard for you to relax on a holiday. While everyone was partying last month, you were still very concerned with details of the holiday and tasks that had to be finished for family to fully enjoy it. It was not until Mercury, your ruler, began to retrograde last month on December 19 that the pace slowed down. Now, as you enter January, you are just starting to get into the swing of the social scene and will want to make time to enjoy fun an… Read More

Monthly Horoscopes : Pisces (February 19 – March 20) Your Monthly Forecast JANUARY 2017

You enter January filled with optimism and energy, for Mars is still in your sign, a place Mars entered on December 19, and will stay until January 28. Everyone wants Mars in their sign – Mars gives courage, determination, and a sexy quality to you that others can’t fail to notice. You will easily attract the help and favor of VIPs now, and in your personal life, if you are single and hope to meet someone new, Mars will increase your power of attraction. Many people enter January slowly, still a bit sleepy f… Read More

Monthly Horoscopes : Cancer (June 21 – July 22) Your Monthly Forecast JANUARY 2017

It’s time to get on the same page with your partner. If there is a topic that you feel never quite gets resolved, you will have time now to bring up the topic and find a way to settle it. The holidays are over, and quieter days are due. Mercury will be retrograde until January 8, a holdover from last month when it started to go in apparent backward motion on December 19. Although Mercury retrograde can be frustrating in many parts of life, it is perfect for going back to previous conversations, mending a fence… Read More