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Monthly Horoscopes : Pisces (February 19 – March 20) Your Monthly Forecast JULY 2017

You will enter July ready for love, dear Pisces. The new moon of late June put you in the perfect frame of mind for love, and this feeling will only grow stronger as you start July. Mars is now touring your fifth house of true love, an ideal place for Mars to be to help you meet your one true love. The Sun will be in your solar fifth house too, indicating you will shine at parties, meeting and greeting others, and generally showing your face to the world. If single, be open to new people, and generously give a relationship time to blossom on its own before making a judgement. By that I mean, when meeting new romantic interests, do not have too many qualifiers in mind for that person to be a yes or a no on your list. You may think you know your type, but be open to surprise.

You seem to have an important social date on your agenda for Saturday, July 8 or 9, when the full moon will place you among a large number of warm and friendly people in a lovely social event. You may be attending a wedding, a charity event, a birthday party, a sporting event, or you may find yourself in a country club or a lodge, trade show, or other activity that will draw many people together who have common interests. If you were thinking of joining a club, whether professional, social, or fitness in nature, do so within four days of July 8.

The charming aura of romance will be strong for three weeks, a perfect time for taking a vacation during part of that time. If you hope to meet someone new, you might want to schedule a weekend at a resort that is known to draw substantial single people. Nothing will happen if you stay home, so venture out to see what surprises life might hold for you.

Financial news that reaches you on July 14 should be excellent, thanks to interplay between Mercury and Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck, now in your house of commissions, royalties, bonuses, bank loans, mortgage, and property sales and bids, as well as in the realm of venture capital or sponsorship. If you are eager to sell a property or bid on a house or condo, this would be the best day to act on that dream, or to finalize your deal. Family support will be strong for you on this day too.

Stay away from financial deals on July 17, when Mars, the ruler of your solar sector of income, will receive angry vibes from Uranus, planet of unpredictable developments. This is not the time to enter into any speculative deals or to sign any important papers.

Mars will depart from your romantic sector on July 20, and from that time on, your focus will shift back to work. It looks like a wonderful assignment will arrive, one that might involve you in the arts or entertainment, as your solar sixth house of work projects will brim with a number of heavenly bodies: Mercury (news), Mars (action), the Sun (authority), and the July 23 new moon (opportunity), and together, all will light up this area of your chart. You will begin to be very busy, so you will need to be organized. A lot will be expected of you, but you are up to the task.

The interesting part about this month’s new moon, July 23, is that it will be the first of two new moons that will arrive in the same part of your chart, in Leo, which is highly unusual. This means that that the projects that come in will be important to your career progress, and that you will need to take those assignments seriously, for chances are, they will have a strong influence on your future career status. The second new moon will arrive as a massively important solar eclipse next month, August 21. Watch for the news and opportunities that will arise on these two new moons, for they will likely point you in a new and very exciting career direction.

Your health will also be highlighted with these two new moons, so you might want to have a visit with your doctor or dentist, or start a new program in a sport or at the gym in late July or late August. A new moon will open a new path, so you truly have a superb opportunity to grow into strong, radiant health. More news about the two August eclipses next month – you’ll want to check these out.