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Monthly Horoscopes : Pisces (February 19 – March 20) Your Monthly Forecast MAY 2017

You may be traveling in early May, thanks to a new moon in Taurus that appeared April 26, which will still be exerting a lovely influence as you begin the month. You may not have a lot of notice that you will be going, but that’s often the fun of travel. As a Pisces, you are spontaneous and flexible, so you’ll likely enjoy this trend. This same new moon may bring you an important new writing or speaking assignment, and possibly a contract to sign. Try to put off signing until the second half of May, near May 20 or better yet after May 25 if possible.

The opportunities coming to you in your communication sector will sparkle, for Pluto will be active, and when Pluto is friendly, generous financial compensation can’t be far behind. Saturn, now in your lofty tenth house of career honors and achievement, will be sending a comforting beam too, signaling that all you’ve learned from being tested in your career since December 2014 will gradually begin to pay off now. This trend will intensify at the end of 2017 when Saturn finally leaves your career house and offers you a reward for sticking with his vigorous training.

This month, you may be offered your own radio or TV show, or you may launch a new advertising or publicity campaign. You may set to work on a manuscript or a collection of poetry, or sign a work order to develop an app that you’ve wanted to create. If you give a lecture now, it will be well attended.

Additional, more important travel may come up mid-month, thanks to the full moon in Scorpio on May 10. This time, it will be an exciting distant trip that you will finish and return home within days of May 10. This trip will take you much farther afield than the quick short trip you may make at the start May or had done at the end of April.

At or near the full moon of May 10, you may go to a location that would require a passport for entry to the location that you visit. That full moon will light your ninth house of foreign people and places, so if you can’t travel, you may be on the phone and email quite a bit with companies abroad with whom you’ve formed a business relationship, and work on a project together. Publishing and broadcasting projects will be brilliant, court filings and decisions should go in your favor, and news from academic quarters should bring good news. If you are dealing with an immigration matter, it should wrap up and bring you favor on or within four days of May 10.

Throughout May, you will have as strong emphasis on your home and family. You may be cleaning, painting, or decluttering your home. Or you may move house, renovate, do a major remodeling or repair project, or find a new roommate that you are enthusiastic about welcoming to your home. You may build a wall, or take one down. Mars is currently in your home sector, making it a hub of activity, and bringing noise too. Certainly, there are a number of people walking in and out of your home now, possibly because you have workmen there, or alternatively, family visiting and staying over. If you need money to make your project move forward, see your banker, as you are likely to be approved for an attractive mortgage or home improvement loan.

The new moon, May 25, will advance your efforts to make your home comfortable. By then your research about whom to hire or where to move will be done, and your domestic project will be in full swing. New moons always package the energy swirling about you and help to put you in action mode. If you are hoping to rent a vacation cottage, this new moon will help you find the perfect one, and things happen quickly.

Finally, be aware that your career is going very well, although at times you may assume you are doing everything wrong. You are not. All through 2017, Saturn and Uranus are in sync, a rare aspect that will not happen in the same way until 2047. Saturn, the tough teacher planet, for a long time touring your tenth house of fame and honors, has been teaching you the ropes in a new area of your expertise.