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Monthly Horoscopes : Pisces (February 19 – March 20) Your Monthly Forecast JANUARY 2017

You enter January filled with optimism and energy, for Mars is still in your sign, a place Mars entered on December 19, and will stay until January 28. Everyone wants Mars in their sign – Mars gives courage, determination, and a sexy quality to you that others can’t fail to notice. You will easily attract the help and favor of VIPs now, and in your personal life, if you are single and hope to meet someone new, Mars will increase your power of attraction. Many people enter January slowly, still a bit sleepy from the buzz of the holidays, but not you – you’ll be the leader of the brigade.

One outstanding point to note is that Venus and Mars, the cosmic lovers, will both be in Pisces this month and orbit within a very significant proximity at the very last week of January. This will be a highly electric time for you – romance may be off the charts!

Mercury is still retrograde, a situation that was in place since December 19, but will go direct on January 8. Do not to launch anything new until you get well past that date, for conditions around you will continue to be in flux. Until you have the lay of the land, you won’t be able to make informed decisions. That hard part about Mercury retrograde is that everything looks just as they were, but are not. The wind is changing direction and until you can judge exactly how and from what direction the wind is coming, you would be wise to stop, look, and listen. Wait until the eclipses have spoken next month before you carve anything in stone.

January will be a very social month, filled with people you know, and with the addition of new faces, too. Most people find December filled with parties, people, and events, but for you, that will reverse now – you were busy with career in December, so your best, most carefree time for fun and love will come now, in January. For this you can thank the new moon of December 29, for its theme will dominate most of January, particularly the early half. That new moon brought several planets in Capricorn to fill your house of friendship / people / events and fun.

The full moon of January 12 will be in Cancer, a divinely emotional, loving, and affectionate place for the full moon to be. You may meet someone new that you will want to know better if you are unattached, or see an interesting development in a present, ongoing relationship that is still in the early stages. Fun with children is possible, or you may hear that conception was achieved – something to celebrate. If nearing delivery, you may see the birth of your child within days of the full moon.

Yet, Pluto and Uranus will be clashing with the full moon of January 12, and may bring up concerns about money. Uranus will be in hard angle to the full moon, so an expense is likely to come up that you’ll need to take care of quickly. You seem to want to participate in a costly event, and you still might, considering the benefits of contacts you will make, but all the while you will be thinking about the money you are spending. Sometimes life is this way, and when a question is not clear cut, we have to rely on intuition. As a Pisces, you have an abundance of that, and it is always reliable. Follow your heart.

Fortunately, Mars in Pisces will come to your aid, so at the full moon, January 12, say little and listen with both ears. If you are married with children, your child could be at the center of your thinking, not your mate. (Marriage comes under a different house of the chart than love and children.) Alternatively, a third way this might work out is that a creative project might suddenly bring news of overages, and you might opt to pay them if the client won’t, and it looks like you will, to keep the integrity and excellence of your vision intact.

Time for rest and rejuvenation will come near month’s end and linger into early February, when the new moon in Aquarius January 27 will give you the yen to shutter inside to think, create, and reflect on recent events. Creative ideas you have at month’s end can be very profitable and can increase your cash flow, so take your ideas seriously. You can now delve into interests you have, such as to visit art museums, book stores, or attend lectures. Aquarius rules astrology, so you might pick up books to learn more, or to take a class. Take this time to rejuvenate, for once you get to the eclipses next month, one in Pisces February 26, you will be on the move – the pace for Pisces will be quick.