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Monthly Horoscopes : Pisces (February 19 – March 20) Your Monthly Forecast FEBRUARY 2017

As you begin February, you will be in a meditative mood. Your birthday will quickly approach, and ancient wisdom was that it is time to plan your birthday year ahead. As a Pisces, you love to be with people, but you also have an equal need to be alone, to rinse yourself of cares – yours and those of others who depend on your sympatric heart, for you are always a willing listener. Do a bit of creative daydreaming, and imagine your life as if it is a film that you direct. What does your protagonist – you – do, and how do you succeed in creating your dream year?

The first week of February will be an ideal time to schedule necessary annual health exams, and if a psychological matter has troubled you, to see a therapist to find insight and comfort. The idea is to enter your birthday year with a clean slate, or, if that is not possible, with a plan to work toward building a strong mind, body, and spirit.

Your day-to-day work assignments or conditions will likely change in an exciting way at the full moon lunar eclipse of February 10. You are experiencing a long trend of heightened creativity, for your ruler, Neptune, the planet of imagination, will tour Pisces until 2026, a place it took up in 2011. The project that comes in this month will be prestigious and pay remarkably well, for this eclipse will form a golden triangle among the stars, linking professional success, and generous financial compensation and a new assignment. This has to be good news, for with Mars tearing through your second house of finances, your expenses have been high. Give this project all you have to give, for it will form part of your impending upsurge in your career. You have been working with Saturn, the great teacher, in your tenth house of fame and honors for two years, and have a little less than a year to go. By the end of 2017, you will see reward for all the hard work you are putting in now, so continue the course. There is a rainbow and pot of gold at the end.

An even bigger moment will arrive at the new moon solar eclipse in Pisces, February 26. This solar event will be even more important to you than the first one, for this eclipse will be in your sign. Neptune will conjoin the Sun and moon, opening a new path in weeks and months ahead. Your appearance may change and accurately reflect the exciting changes going on around you. It seems that a successful, influential friend will have bearing on the changes in lifestyle that will come up. Your home life will also evolve, or you will hear big family news. A baby could be part of the picture. Saturn will be friendly, so career changes and the accompanying rise in income will lead to a greater sense of security. This eclipse comes laden with opportunity. If your birthday falls on or within four days of February 26, the changes will be positively massive in months ahead. You are ready for exciting change, so say to yourself, bring it on!