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Monthly Horoscopes : Libra (September 23 – October 22) Your Monthly Forecast JULY 2017

You have had what must seem to be an interminable, lengthy focus on your home and family, going back months, so you may be ready for change and good news. Everything going on with your home life is likely to get signed, sealed, and settled, once and for all, within four days of the full moon July 8. This full moon, in Capricorn, will light your house of home, so at the very least, if you have been building or renovating a structure, you will reach a new and more developed plateau or hopefully, an end to all the construction. If you have been concerned about the welfare of a parent, this full moon will be able to find answers that may have confounded you in the past.

Meanwhile, your career will continue to be lively, thanks to the tour of Mars, now traveling through your tenth house of professional achievement, a trend that started in June. If you are tempted to change jobs, you still have time to showcase your talents and nab the job of your dreams. Mars can only visit this part of your chart for six weeks every two years, and you’ve already used up three weeks – if the idea of making a name for yourself in your career interests you, get cracking.

One day NOT to have an interview will be July 17, when Mars will clash with Uranus – you won’t see eye-to-eye with an authority figure and may find yourself in hot water when a certain question provokes you. Stay home on July 17!

The following day, July 18, when your ruler, Venus, in air-sign Gemini, will contact Jupiter in Libra, you will have a wonder day, especially for all your efforts, from career and academic subjects, to legal matters, travel, or anything involving international commerce.

Some of the most enjoyable days of the month will come at month’s end, when action Mars will move out of your career house on July 20 to light your eleventh house of friends and fun until September 5 – the latter day being the day after the American holiday, Labor Day, an easy way to remember the length of this trend. Any Libra, living anywhere in the northern hemisphere, will have a joyous summer. My readers in Brazil, Australia, Columbia, South Africa, and other places down under, you will be in winter, but how nice to have friends and new people who are about to enter your life bring the golden warmth of friendship.

Aside from having Mars about to build a bonfire of fun in your friends and events sector, which is sure to get your attention, you will also have an energetic new moon in the same house on July 23. This new moon will give you more reason to feel your friends, groups, and possibly a humanitarian / charitable effort will soon become the center of your attention. Next month the solar eclipse on August 21 will touch this very same area of your chart, bringing essentially two new moons in a row in your joyful eleventh house. This area rules not only friends and people who have the potential of becoming your friends, but also social groups such as social and professional clubs, tenant committees, and political or community groups. You may also find that increasingly in future weeks you will be among many people, such as at a trade show, conference, seminar, or athletic competitions and games.

The eleventh house also is the house ruling your dearest hopes and wishes, where a long-held dream can come true, and with Mars and remarkably, two new moons in a row heading there, you will have an outstanding chance to see that happen. Keep working toward your goals – you are closer than you think to victory.

All month, you will have Venus touring the friendly-to-Libra sign of Gemini, from July 4 to 30. Although June was an ideal time for you to travel, if, for any reason, if you did not get your chance to enjoy a vacation, you will get a second chance to do so this month in late month. Choose to leave when a gaggle of planets will convene in Leo after July 23, a time you’ll certainly have the most carefree, fun time. Judging by your chart, nothing earth-shattering will likely occur at the office in late month, so you will be able to go, confident no one from the office will be calling you for help.

If you want a mini-vacation in terms of a long weekend away, then choose July 14-16, sure to be a magical time for you.

Over the weekend of July 29-30, you’ll have a ravishing weekend, filled with flirtation and fun, when Venus and Uranus trade signals. All Libras will be included, whether you are single or attached. This would be a highly romantic weekend to travel away from home, and you might want to go for a longer time, from June 23 to 31 – it’s your choice.

Monthly Horoscopes : Aries (March 21 – April 19) Your Monthly Forecast JULY 2017

If you are dreaming about changes you want to make to your home, you have an open road to make them happen now. Mars, your ruling planet, is now in Cancer and bringing you the opportunity and motivation you need to get started. The new moon of last month, June 23, may have drawn your interest, and perhaps you’ve started a vision board or box of favorite paint chips, fabric swatches, floor samples, and a collection of tear sheets from magazines to give life to your ideas. Get most of your home-related work done while Mars stays in Cancer until July 20.

A bit of a warning: On July 17, watch where you walk if workmen are leaving tools and supplies on the floor. With Mars in hard angle to Uranus, you can’t be too careful. This same aspect, alternatively, might instead be manifested not physically but emotionally, and trigger a conflict with a partner, roommate, contractor, or any professional who is helps you with your home project. On this day, easy does it. Family – specifically parents – are connected with your home too, so avoid controversial topics then too.

In terms of your career, you are about to hear big news near the full moon, July 8. With Pluto conjunct the moon, you are likely to be in the spotlight and perceived as powerful and effective. More responsibility is likely to be given to you at this time, and while you will be overjoyed to hear this news, obligations and activities going on at home will tug at you too. It appears that for now, the lure of the new professional opportunity will win out over concern for juggling all that is expected of you at home, for someone very high level has apparently taken an interest in your abilities and the promise of your greater potential. The position about to be offered to you appears to be a creative role, or one that you would work with creative people to get it done. Music, art, dance, film, and photography are prominent, as given by the position of Neptune in his natural position in the twelfth house.

You may hanker to travel, and if so, think about heading out for a long weekend starting early Friday, July 14 to Sunday, July 16. Mercury, the planet of quick, spontaneous travel, will be in ideal angle to the great benefactor planet, Jupiter. Mercury is now moving through your love sector, and Jupiter is ensconced in your marriage / partnership house, setting up a direct link between these two houses to bring you opportunity for fun and love. To top off this weekend, the transiting moon will be in Aries, so you can get all things your way.

Now let’s turn to your fantastic social life, about to start up in the third week of the month, from July 20 to September 5. (The latter date is ironically the day that falls directly after the US holiday, Labor Day). Perfect! This flurry of activity will make your summer a memorable one. In fact, you have one of the most spectacular sets of planetary aspects of any sign to find love in coming weeks. Hurry to get your home “just so” before this exciting trend starts. Once Mars enters Leo July 20, you’ll be in the right mood to meet someone special, and that is half the battle – your willing attitude will make or break this trend. On July 23, the first of two powerful new moons will light your house of romance, the next one due in August as a powerful solar eclipse. Mars will conjoin that new moon this month, giving energy and impetus to get out and live it up.

Next month, the friendly eclipses of August 7 and August 21 will take things up another notch, and will almost certainly stir up fun and love too. Watch in particular the August 21 solar eclipse, for that one will build on the events of the new moon of July 23. For now, focus on the days following the July 23 new moon, which will be made in heaven for your love life. The Sun and new moon, plus Mars and Mercury, will all be in your true love sector and likely trigger many social events and possibly an exciting introduction.

You’ve not had this much cosmic luck in matters of the heart in ages. Finally, in case you needed still ANOTHER signal that you are entering the very best period of 2017 and that August will be YOUR month for love is this: Venus will visit Leo; your best spot to sparkle brightly and to attract authentic love interests will be from August 26 to September 19. With this kind of star power, everyone will wish they were you.

Monthly Horoscopes : Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21) Your Monthly Forecast JULY 2017

Money will be on your mind most of the month, a trend that started last month on June 4 and is set to extend until July 20, thanks to the tour of Mars in Cancer. Before you reach July 20, and see Mars leave your eighth house of credit, taxes, loans, sponsorship, venture capital, insurance, and the like, you will have a full moon on July 8 that will conclude many of your financial actions and decisions. No doubt at that full moon you will also be paying a number of bills but likely see money come in to you too. You seem anxious to move forward on your dearest projects that require funding, for the Sun at the full moon of July 9 will be conjunct Mars, the planet of action and energy. At the same time, Pluto will be conjunct the moon, so someone might be heavy-handed with you and demand certain agreements from you that you may not like. You are superb at communicating your thoughts, so stand up for yourself, but at the same time, do so without throwing gasoline on the fire. You want to keep things civil – it seems you need this money person in your life, so if you need that person’s support, be diplomatic.

After July 20, you will see the emphasis on money fade, and energy of the month will change in your favor. After that date, you will start to direct your attention to travel, events, and negotiations going on at a distance or overseas. Mars will move out of your eighth house of other people’s money on July 20, immediately calming down the strong financial outgo of recent weeks. Your attention will switch to travel, or to international interests where you may be involved in the exchange of ideas, creativity, goods, or services. You may additionally (or alternatively) be given an assignment or publicity involving the media, perhaps being given the chance to write a book or article, or produce a segment. Or, you may have progress concerning a matter related to your desire to get a college or graduate school degree, or to be approved to get your final credentials at month’s end too. Legal activities that you might undertake include registering a patent or trademark.

Something very important seems to be going on in the travel and international arena – along with the other areas I listed – because next month we have a solar eclipse on August 21 in the same part of your chart. Solar eclipses are always a harbinger of life-altering news, and the coming eclipses will be outstandingly friendly. Foreign people and places, broadcasting and publishing ventures, import-export, and legal matters all seem connected in some way. This is exciting. This month the new moon of July 23 will touch members of your sign who were born in November, and next month, the August 21 solar new moon eclipse will strongly affect those born near December 20.

Stay away from working on any of the matters listed above on July 17, when Mars and Uranus will be at direct odds. Travel will be difficult, with unexpected delays and problems – legal activities will bring roadblocks, and generally, July 17 won’t be anyone’s favorite day. Avoid buying electronic items on this day too.

You will have two days that will be wonderful for your career progress, and the first one will arrive on July 14, when Mercury, the ruler of your tenth house of honors, awards, and achievement, will speak first to Jupiter, now in Libra. It seems a friend will be instrumental in getting you an amazing client or job opportunity.

The second day that is likely to bring strong career progress will be July 19, when Mercury, the planet ruling your career success, will speak with Saturn in Sagittarius, bringing stability and very likely bring long-term growth.

When it comes to romance, your closest committed relationship, whether in love or business, will go smoothly once gentle Venus begins to tour your opposite sign of Gemini, July 4 to July 31. No matter if you have had disagreements, your relationships in business and in romance will go well. One of your very favorite weekends for love will be July 29-30, when Venus and Uranus, now sending messages to one another from your solar house of true love, will intertwine and bring you a very happy, flirtatious experience. Venus is known to spark the spark of love, so look your best!