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Monthly Horoscopes : Libra (September 23 – October 22) Your Monthly Forecast JANUARY 2017

Your home space or other property you might own is about to get most of your attention, thanks to the new moon that recently appeared on December 29 in Capricorn. With the holidays past, you can give your full concentration to your home and to what you’d like to do to make it more stylish and inviting.

Mercury will still be retrograde, a holdover from last month when it started December 19, so if you want to buy new computer items or a flat screen TV or new refrigerator, it is best to wait until after Mercury goes direct, January 8. Mercury rules the moving parts in all machines (even automobiles), so you need to hold off buying electronics and digital items. If you don’t wait, you risk not being satisfied by your purchase. It would be wise to hold off on the purchase of expensive furniture or a mattress too, simply because those items are big and difficult to return if something goes wrong.

If you, like me, need a computer because your present one went on the fritz, that’s okay because you will have already been stung by Mercury – you have used up his potentially bad side. If you are doing a renovation, the contractor may have overruns or a need to show you something he discovered that has to be fixed before proceeding.

At work, lots of activity will go on, and you will also need to be vigilant to make sure a project is moving in the right direction. Keep looking over subordinates’ work for possible errors, typos, and wrong assumptions. On one hand, the assignments will be very imaginative, allowing much room for creativity, but on the other hand, not everyone will be clear about what needs to be done.

You will you need to hover over the people who work for you at home too. Indeed, a home-related project might go off in the wrong direction just as you were hoping to get it finished at the full moon, January 12. Things finish at a full moon, so this may mark deadline time. If you need to pitch an idea or new business, this might be when you will do it. Yet if you have a business partner or close collaborator, be prepared for you and your partner not to see eye to eye at this full moon, and that will likely frustrate you.

You may find that your romantic or business partner acts erratically at this full moon, January 12, plus or minus four days, due to the rogue behavior of Uranus, bringing news you would have never expected. Although it appears your attention will be directed to your career and also to your business partner, it may be your spouse that distracts you too, so you’ll need to keep a 360-degree view. If your birthday falls on or within four days of October 12, you will strongly feel the jarring effects of Uranus, so keep your schedule light.

Your favorite part of your month will arrive near the end. The new moon in Aquarius of January 27 will be sunshine in a bottle. Aquarius is an air sign like yours, so straight off, you know the new moon will be kind to you. Just when you thought your relationship was not going well, or if single, that you’d never meet anyone interesting, this cheerful new moon will come to change and improve your love life in the blink of an eye. If you are single and not dating, you may soon have a chance encounter with someone intriguing who is perfectly suited to you. If you are attached, this new moon will set the stage for weeks of fun together, going straight to February, culminating in a memorable Valentine’s Day. (Stay tuned! This year Valentine’s Day is as sweet as the chocolates you will be nibbling on!)

Monthly Horoscopes : Aries (March 21 – April 19) Your Monthly Forecast JANUARY 2017

As you enter January, four heavenly bodies are twinkling in your tenth house of professional honors, awards, and achievement, including the mighty Sun and new moon, powerhouse Pluto, and newsy Mercury. The new moon of last month, December 29, kicked off this sensational career trend, so if you want a new position in another company, or hope for a promotion or a title with more responsibility in your present job, this is the time to let VIPs know you are open to talks. Part of any new job you take will be to oversee budgets, because the planets in Capricorn are associated with large global companies and massive budgetary appropriations. Of all the coming months of the New Year, the first half of January represents your very best chance to move up the ladder of success.

Mercury will be retrograde as you begin January – a holdover from the date Mercury started this trend December 19 – and will regulate its orb January 8. Mercury is in your career sector now, so you may have experienced delays in completing projects lately, but things will speed up soon after January 8. If you had asked for a promotion in December, the answer should come to you in the second week of January. This is the right month for great career news.

Your home may be your focus at the full moon, January 12. Don’t have an overly packed schedule at this time – a home or family-related matter will need your quick attention, and it won’t be anything you would see coming. Fortunately, Mars, your ruler, will be in helpful angle, allowing you to solve or settle whatever surfaces. Uranus and Saturn will work together too, allowing you to find a long-range solution.

Friends will surround you after the new moon arrives January 27-28. You may be invited to a large party or charity benefit, or you might attend a lecture populated by many attendees. Alternatively, you may go to a trade show, conference, sporting event, or other gathering that will draw people together for a common interest or cause. With Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, in such sweet angle to Saturn, you will have a chance to make a new friend. Be open and friendly to those you meet – you will be received in kind.

Romantically, the cosmic lovers, Mars and Venus are orbiting in close proximity in your behind-the-scenes sector, not in conjunction, but close enough to be significant at month’s end. A good friend may set you up on a blind date, and if so, you may find great chemistry exists between you and your date – you both might be off to a good start.

Monthly Horoscopes : Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21) Your Monthly Forecast JANUARY 2017

You may have been awaiting checks that have been held up since early December, but those payments should start to flow to you again after Mercury goes direct on January 8. You have four planets sparkling in your second house of earned income, so you have a perfect opportunity to study your income and outgo, prepare receipts for your accountant to file your tax report, and find new ways to bring in more money. You won’t need an agent or headhunter to represent you – you can find the opportunity for a new position or to bring in new business by yourself, for all your planets are on the east side of your chart, showing self-sufficiency.

More financial considerations will come to a climax on the full moon in Cancer, January 12. A creative project appears to be reaching a critical end stage too, but Uranus, the planet of unexpected news, will bring a somewhat jarring event. You may have to trim a creative project in a way that you would prefer not to do but the budget may make it necessary. Still, not all the news at this full moon will rattle you – Uranus and Saturn will be working together to bring a very stable and uplifting long-term effect from all that you are working to accomplish. It is alternatively possible you are writing a check on behalf of a child, and although this moment of the month may make you jittery, it’s money well spent, for Saturn says it is so.

Your home is apparently taking quite a bit of your focus now too, and at least some of the financial talks seem to revolve around your home, too. You would be wise to protect yourself against all sorts of possible water damage, especially during the first days of January. Mars will conjoin Neptune, and because Mars rules action, and Neptune rules the sea, the last thing you need is to have Neptune bring the sea into your home. I am making a graphic statement here, but you would be wise to anticipate any and all possibilities when it comes to water.

To deal with this possible problem with water, add an insurance policy rider to cover your property for all kinds of instances involving water. Don’t leave possessions, papers, and photographs that are irreplaceable in the basement or bottom floors of your home and don’t store them at your vacation cottage by the shore either. In fact, you might want to keep some of your most precious things and papers in a safe deposit vault or waterproof storage unit. Due to Neptune’s slow orbit, Neptune will remain in your home sector until January 2026, nine years from now. This is why it’s worth taking steps to protect yourself now and always.

Having Neptune with Mars in your home sector has a positive side too. Neptune is a planet of imagination, creativity, and poetry, and Mars is all about taking action. If you are working on a home design project, you could not wish for more sparkling stars. Your choices will be stylish and pleasing, and you will enjoy them for years. Additionally, Venus will enter your home sector from January 3 for the entire month, until February 3. This all suggests you have a perfect opportunity to work on a decorating project. All that you do now for your home will be in preparation for bigger home-related changes due at the solar eclipse next month on February 26.

If you were thinking of giving a party, do so in the last week of January, prior to the day Mars leaves Pisces, January 27. In the last week, the two cosmic lovers, Venus and Mars, will be within touching distance. Venus and Mars love to be together and are often sent in different directions. Take full advantage of their closeness in the last week, for both will be in your home sector, bringing grace, beauty, and fun – your guests will be bewitched. (To get the full benefit of Venus and Mars, you must not give your party at a restaurant or club, but at home.)

After all the financial calculations and the home-related talks you will have, you will need to take a break. The lovely new moon in Aquarius will give you a chance for a drive in the country and to experience freedom of the road. If you are attached, bring your partner along, and bring your children too. You need a rest – the last weekend of the month will be the perfect time to go. Or, attend a book signing, lecture, or museum opening, for at this time, you will be hungry for intellectual and cultural stimulation.

As you move into February, you will see your romantic life reach great heights. Start to think about improving your appearance, buying some new clothes at month’s end as soon as Mars enters Aries on January 28. You are going to be the center of attention, dear Sagittarius, for
Mars and Venus in your house of true love would have it no other way. When it comes to being popular, turning heads, and generating expressions of affection, married or single, February will be a wonder month to enjoy.