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Monthly Horoscopes : Libra (September 23 – October 22) Your Monthly Forecast MARCH 2017

You start March with a full plate of things to do, for you have Neptune, Mercury, the Sun, and new moon solar eclipse of February 26 in your projects and workaday sector. In the case of the eclipse, the opportunities arising from that solar eclipse are still strong and plentiful. That’s a lot of planetary energy there, and you may get a new assignment, freelance work, or if self-employed, new business. Both home and at work, your list will grow. New assignments will flow in, goals will progress, and through it all, luck will be on your side. You may see a major change in personnel – a new housekeeper, a new assistant, co-worker, or other person you hire or work along with may now change, but you will easily find a replacement and be energized by the new person. Creative projects will be outstandingly favored.

Your ruler, Venus, will go retrograde from March 4 to April 15, so you might have a change of heart concerning a romantic partner, or put plans you’ve drawn up together on a back burner due to outside conditions. In March’s first week, both Venus and Mars are in your partnership sector, a lovely romantic vibration, but Uranus, the planet of surprise, is there too, so any switch in plans or feelings would arise suddenly. Any plans having to do with funding or money management will also be up for reconsideration.

Retrograde planets give us time to go back and fix things that went wrong, or that we feel should be adjusted due to current conditions. If you are in the middle of a breakup in love or business, the negotiation of the settlement may reach a temporary impasse during this period. Venus retrograde will ask you to reconsider your stance, as well as your decisions and impending moves. Get advice, and reflect quietly – don’t rush. This is not a time to give a big expensive party or charity fundraiser, and if considering engagement, wait if you can.

Do not make any radical moves involving your appearance in March or April either. While you will still be able to take care of routine grooming, such as touchups and trims, avoid going from blonde to redhead, for example, and put off plastic surgery and new types of skin treatments. Venus will go direct April 15, but will take until May 18 to reach former strength. Keep in mind that Venus is your ruler, so the meetings and greetings of Venus to other planets that occur every month will always affect you more than most. It is a time to review and assess, not launch or push forward.

Mars will move into Taurus on March 9 until April 21, a time when you may be spending more money than usual. You may have planned to make certain payments, such as a deposit on a vacation house rental, or a deposit on school or camp for your child. If you have not planned any big outlays of cash, be conservative in spending until you have a solid view of the lay of the land. If you are in the process of trying to divide assets at the end of a business or marriage, talks may become contentious with Mars in this area, so do all you can to keep things calm. You are due to make better progress just after the new moon, April 26.

On March 12, the full moon will light your twelfth house of privacy, a good time to focus on projects you will need to get done without distraction. At this time of the month, you can be remarkably productive while working alone. Saturn will be in hard angle, a clear reflection of the important work you are doing and the responsibility you have on your shoulders. You can excel under these aspects if you remain realistic and objective.

In the days that follow the new moon of March 27, if you have been having problems finding accord with a partner in love or business, you might see some evidence of a softening and thawing of talks in your negotiation. The road might not be exactly easy, however, for Pluto will be pulling at Mercury and Uranus – you will still face obstacles. However, if you are about to get engaged or married, you will have an open road, and if you feel you know one another well by now, you have only happy days ahead.

If the topic at hand involves a negotiation for a new position in your career, with so many heavenly bodies in Aries, it seems you would be blazing a new, entrepreneurial path, with few signposts from the past to guide you. This may be precisely why you are excited about it, and why you are hoping to be part of this venture or relationship – it is exciting and new and why you are so happy about taking it on. Still, Saturn will ask you to go by the book, so know the rules of this relationship in love or business. In love, you’ll need to be willing to give as well as you get. Follow the whisperings of your heart, as it will reliably point you in the right direction.

Keep in the forefront of your mind that you have Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck, in Libra, a major advantage, for you are the celestial favorite. It takes Jupiter twelve years to revolve around the Sun, so this is a rare, beneficial period for you. Even though this month you may feel a bit out of control and out voted by others, Jupiter is protecting you. Use your intuition, for this month it will be important for you to move slowly – your intuition will give you special night vision, so you will see clearly what is not seen by others. Moves you make now may have to be redone completely later.

Mercury will retrograde April 9 to May 3, and Venus will be retrograde March 5 to April 15. While all planets retrograde, we feel the planets that are closest to earth: Mercury, Mars, and Venus. (Mars is not retrograde but the other two are the problematic ones.) For that reason, for now, there is no reason to push forward. You are being given a golden opportunity to stop, look, and listen before making a commitment. You are laying the foundation for a better future, dear Libra. All the thinking you are doing now will pay off in just a few months.

Monthly Horoscopes : Aries (March 21 – April 19) Your Monthly Forecast MARCH 2017

Last month, and possibly the month before, was a month when change was likely to take place, because two eclipses came by, both friendly, including a lunar eclipse on February 10 and solar new moon eclipse February 26. All eclipses, even happy ones, require adjustments, because eclipses are one of the universe’s favorite ways to create change.

As you begin March, you will still have the privilege of Mars, your ruler, in Aries until March 9. If you have a plan to initiate something truly important, do so in the month’s first eight days. This timing applies to starting an important relationship too, in love or business. You will be ultra-magnetic and persuasive, and others will want to follow you wherever you go. Mars will be orbiting close to Venus in Aries, a rare event, in very early March too, indicating that your sex appeal will reach new heights. If single, circulate but keep interaction light. It’s not the time to get heavily involved with anyone just yet. Venus will begin to retrograde on March 4 and remain that way until April 15. Venus will take time to reach former strength – until May 18.

So be conservative before rushing into a relationship without knowing one another well. Also, avoid making any big changes to your appearance, for with Venus retrograde, you may not like the results. Of course, you can keep up grooming, but it’s not the time for dramatic changes to your hair color or to schedule plastic surgery. Collect advice, build a folder, and take time to decide on your choices later. Once Venus goes direct, this planet of love and good looks will stay in Aries until June 6 and will be in the best position for you from May 18 to June 6.

In love, while Venus is retrograde, you may go back to an old lover to see if you both can make a go of things again. Honestly, the deck is slightly stacked against that happening, but you can get closure, and you may beat the odds. Do not take any permanent romantic steps at this time – let love unfold slowly like the petals of a flower. If you can, delay an engagement until the end of May. Despite all this talk of Venus retrograde, you will have fun. Mars in Taurus will blend beautifully with Venus in Aries, due to what astrologers call a mutual reception, making each planet work like the  others buddy and even changing roles with each other. You will be catnip to admirers, so stay confident, mix and mingle, but by all means, take your time.

The full moon in Virgo on March 12 will emphasize your fitness and health, and you may find you will reach a personal best in athletics or as you work with your trainer, or the full moon may bring good news about a medical test that your doctor administered. If you are prescribed a new medicine, ask about possible side effects as Neptune’s position at the full moon may fog results. If a test result seems “off” ask to have the test done again. Health matters will now reach a final point.

You will also find that you are working on a deadline at the office, and will finish it within the four days that follow this full moon March 12. This project has lots of detail, so you will have to slow down and make sure your piece is well researched and double checked for accuracy.

With four planets stacked in your twelfth house mid-month, you might be feeling unusually prescient, so follow those hunches. Your intuition will be given to you to protect you, and will give you night vision to clarify a puzzling situation. Aries is not typically known to have psychic episodes, but this month you may. Write down an important dream if you have one, and find a friend to dissect it with you to get to the meaning.

The new moon on March 27 has your name written all over it. The Sun, new moon, Venus, Uranus and Mercury will be in Aries – that is remarkable, for that adds up to having half our solar system cruising in your sign – and those heavenly bodies will put you in the lead. You will have control over events and relationships, and things will likely go your way. This could be a landmark month, for Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, is now in your marriage house, and you may be making a promise to the one you love, such as to get engaged or wed near your birthday. If you are already wed, you can draw up an exciting blueprint of a future goal with your one-and-only.

There is more to cheer about. Starting earlier, on March 9 through April 21, Mars, your ruler (always an indicator to where your attention will be drawn), will be in practical Taurus, and because Mars will contact Pluto in your house of fame, you will be impressing VIPs with your work and vision. You may see more money in your paycheck too, as a result of this aspect, and your title may be expanded as well. (Mars and Pluto will be close enough to be in significant aspect at month’s end, and will hit perfection on April 6.)

You seem to have it all this month, dear Aries. With Venus and Mars in your sign in early month, you will be catnip to admirers.

Monthly Horoscopes : Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21) Your Monthly Forecast MARCH 2017

As you enter March, your mind will be strongly on your home living conditions and improvements you would like to make. This comes due to a very powerful new moon solar eclipse that occurred February 26 and that will be influential through March, and possibly for months ahead, particularly in regard to real estate. No matter what you are trying to achieve, you will have the wherewithal to do it.

Water in connection with the home might be a problem, however, and if so, you likely already know that to be true, or soon will, so take precautions. If you are involved in a decorating project, you will be inspired by tender Neptune to create a dream of an environment – soft, inviting, and ultimately comfortable. As you see, Neptune has two sides, to inspire but also to confuse, or to bring difficulties with water.

By the full moon, March 12, you will need to redirect your attention to news going on in your career. Saturn will test your courage and determination, so you may have to finesse a tight, sticky, or challenging career situation, or you were given quite a bit of work to handle and you are coming to the end of the project. Pluto will be at your side to help you get on top of things, and if you concentrate on the many last-minute details that you will have to oversee, you will be able to become a force to be reckoned with in your industry.

Pluto is currently in your second house of earned income, so whatever is happening within four days of this full moon will help you earn a large sum of money. If you are self-employed, you may finish an important project that will bring you acclaim along with a large payment from a client. If you work for others, you may be negotiating a new job and bigger title, one that will come with an impressive rise in salary.

It looks like you’ll be working hard most of the month into next, for Mars will enter your assignment center from March 9 to April 21. If you do get the new job this month, or are finishing up a project, it looks like the success of what you do will instantly earn you more prestigious clients or assignments. In the meantime, you may be able to hire staff to help you get the coming heavy flow work done, whether at work or at home, or both.

Lucky for you, despite the heavy emphasis on home and career, fun and love are on the agenda too, thanks to the new moon, March 27. Just when you assumed it would be highly unlikely for you to see exciting love occur on such an important turning-point month, Cupid will send his little fleet of angels to help you enjoy love. No matter what your marital status, much more fun and excitement seem destined to come to you now.

If you are single, circulate as much as possible after March 27, and continue doing so for two weeks. If you meet someone, this relationship may stay in your heart a long time, possibly forever. The most likely place you would meet will be at work, or at the gym, but not at a party. The person you become interested in will likely be a leader type, possibly self-employed and a self-starter, or someone who is a successful athlete.

If you have been dating seriously, it appears both you and your partner have been under stress, so this is your cue to be lighthearted and flirtatious with your long-term partner, for the response will be just what you had hoped. Take a vacation together if you can, and it need not be to a distant location – a little time away will do you a world of good. If you are not dating but married, the same advice applies. In your case, additionally, you also seem to be very fixed on moving, streamlining, or improving the look of your home and that would be the right idea.

Still, even with so much on your plate, you, too, need diversion and fun – at month’s end you will get it. You might be in the mood to take a trip away and do sports together, like mountain climbing or something competitive with each other. If you can travel after the new moon March 27, then do go – you need to get completely out of your usual environment this month to fully relax.