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Monthly Horoscopes : Libra (September 23 – October 22) Your Monthly Forecast FEBRUARY 2017

February has hearts flying, for it will be one of your most mystical, magical months of the year for enjoying love, sweet love. The new moon of January 27 set the agenda, and by the time you get to the first days of this month, your forecast for finding breathless romance is very strong. During the first week of February, Venus and Mars will be orbiting within range of each other in your marriage / partnering sector, a big advantage.

These two little lovey-dovey planets adore being together but rarely are, so romantic Venus and Mars usually have to be satisfied with gazing at one another across a twinkling, star studded sky. Now they are within touching distance, five degrees, and because Venus is your ruling planet, this will benefit you too. As you may have guessed, this pairing of Venus and Mars will give the edge to Libra who are already coupled up, whether dating seriously or married, but single Libra should have fun too, for all Libras will have magnetic sex appeal.

Uranus rules your house of true love, so all Libras should enjoy February 9, when Uranus sends a golden beam to the Sun, and on the following day, February 10, when Jupiter in Libra collaborates with the Sun in Aquarius.

The full moon lunar eclipse will be in Leo, February 10, and will draw your attention to your friends. Your relationship with a friend is about to change, so your friend may be getting married, moving away, or in some way announcing news that will automatically cause a shift in your relationship. Eclipses tend to bring life changes and important events we long remember. Many eclipses are jarring, but not this one – this one is as sweet as a cupcake with vanilla icing, so it may be that your friend will do something for you that you find touching.

At the same time, you may also attend a special event over the weekend of February 11-12, attended by a great many people – it will be fun, and if single, you may meet someone there. Because this eclipse sends a tight mathematical beam to Uranus, you may be surprised when you meet someone new. Or, if attached, you may be amazed when your partner makes a proposal (or it may be that you may impulsively give one)! If you are already attached, news your committed partner brings to you should set your heart on fire. It’s all good in this very special month.

Valentine’s Day, February 14, will bring the moon to Libra, making this your night to shine. The transiting Sun, still in your true love sector, will send a beam to Saturn in your house of true love, bringing you a warm feeling of stability and security with the one you love. If you are attached and ready for a baby, your partner is, too. There’s no reason to wait. If you need the help of a fertility specialist, make the appointment in February.

This month has two eclipses, and the second one, February 26, will arrive as a new moon solar eclipse in Pisces. This will bring many changes to your work atmosphere, and may also reveal a secret that has been bubbling under the surface for some time, such as your trusted assistant is quitting or the company is streamlining again. No matter what happens, all changes will be in your interest, a fact you will see revealed in time. In the meantime, Neptune will be playing a big role, so new projects that come in after this date will allow room for you to make a big creative contribution.

When starting projects, ask lots of questions, for there is some indication that you, or co-workers, will be confused about what is needed. Going the extra mile to be sure everyone is on the same page for the project will save time later.

Monthly Horoscopes : Aries (March 21 – April 19) Your Monthly Forecast FEBRUARY 2017

Mars is now in Aries, an enviable position that started last month on January 28. You waited two years for this privilege, and Mars will continue to favor you until March 9. Ancient astrologers wrote that having Mars in your sign is a powerful advantage, for Mars puts your interests first and coaxes you to present your ideas forcefully with courage, determination, and drive.

As you enter February, you will see that your social life is as lively and vibrant as you could ever wish it to be. The Sun is warming your friendship sector, and the new moon on January 27 sent sparkling aspects to Mars in Aries to have you in the center of all the action and boosting your confidence.

To brighten this trend even further, on February 3, Venus will enter Aries and remain until June 6, a very long time. This very long stay of Venus in Aries is mainly because Venus will retrograde in Aries on March 5, ending its retrograde April 15 and ramping up to resume former strength by May 18.

The coming retrograde of Venus means you must make any changes to your appearance now and not wait until March. It’s always vital to have a strong Venus behind you when you make big changes, not a weak Venus in retrograde. Here is your chance to buy flattering new clothes that you will love so much you’ll cut off the price tags and want to wear something new tonight. See your favorite stylist about a hair and makeup consultation too.

During the first week of February, you will have amazing magnetism because Venus and Mars will be within five tiny degrees of a conjunction in YOUR sign, Aries. You have the power of attraction, so flirt with your established partner, or put yourself “out there” to have a fateful meeting. Two lovebird stars will be twinkling overhead just for you.

This month holds two eclipses, February 10 and 26, always the initiators of great change. The first one, a full moon lunar eclipse, will fall in Leo, in your house of true love on February 10. This is the area of your life where you may see a major development – you may declare you’ll be exclusive to the person you have been dating, or get engaged or even married. This eclipse falls near Valentine’s Day, always a favorite time for couples to think about their relationship and progress it. This year, the time near February 10-14 should be a banner time for love. If you are not dating, you have an outstanding chance to meet someone new. Be sure to circulate.

This lunar eclipse is outstandingly favorable, as it forms a golden triangle in the sky. If you are not dating, with Uranus in perfect angle to the Sun, your chances of meeting someone new and who fascinates you is very strong – how exciting! Saturn and Uranus will be in ideal angle, indicating a serious romantic experience could now begin. Saturn and Uranus are rarely in sync, so this is a big aspect and a very good omen of lasting love possible.

The solar eclipse, a new moon, will encourage you to work on a private concern, perhaps with a coach or therapist, to talk about talking about a habit you’ve hoped to overcome. Solar eclipses are powerful – put your mind to overturning that habit or overcoming a fear. Seek help, and it will be done. This same eclipse will be superb for working on a secret product or service, or for having confidential meetings to perfect your strategy on any front. Remember, with Mars in Aries, you will find there’s no mountain too high or river too wide to triumph over.

Monthly Horoscopes : Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21) Your Monthly Forecast FEBRUARY 2017

As the month opens, consider treating yourself to a change of scene. The new moon of January 27 is coaxing you to take a weekend getaway, and it would be good for you. The reason for your travels appears to be for purely pleasure, for your fifth house of true love will be lit brilliantly all month by none other than the cosmic lovers, Venus and Mars.

Venus and Mars is exactly where you need them to be, in fire-sign Aries, to amp up your magnetism to maximum levels. If you are single, you should do very well indeed, for someone new appears to be at the very next party. Attached? You will find your partner to be in a highly romantic mood, and any steps you take to surprise your partner will be reciprocated in kind. Valentine’s Day may be a banner day for you, for the moon will be in highly compatible Libra, and the other planets have set the scene for spinning a tapestry about your love life, made of golden threads.

Overall, this is truly a joyous time, so celebrate by shopping for new things for the coming season, and refreshing your look to increase your confidence.

The pace at work will be hectic in the first ten days, with overflowing email, texts, meetings, and much to do. Your mind will crackle with ideas, so share them, for those ideas will be lauded by higher-ups. If self-employed, the start of February would be the right time to start an advertising, publicity, or self-promotion campaign. Do presentations and sales calls, have lunch with clients, old and new prospective ones. You can get the attention of the right people and win prestigious new business, so give your plan all you have to give.

February has two major eclipses, one February 10 in Leo, that will direct your mind to things going on in a foreign country. You may be given an assignment to work for a company abroad that has outposts in your country, or you may need to travel overseas to do the project. It is just as possible that you may be working on a publishing or broadcasting assignment that brings in contractual talks near February 10. The person who will trigger the opportunity will be a friend.

The February 10 eclipse will be broadening, and will bring news that surprises you. News will come on suddenly and without warning. If you are looking for funding for a project or educational goal, it may come at this time. No matter if your talks are centered on a contractual or a salary matter, Jupiter will be smiling on you, so any money offered would be generous. Saturn is being supportive, too, giving your efforts a firm foundation. An eclipse this friendly is unusual, so even if the changes put on you are enforced, you will win out in the end.

The second eclipse, February 26, can have a massive effect on where you live, with whom, or in what style. The solar eclipse comes conjunct Neptune, so it will be vital that you get a water damage insurance rider built into your homeowner or renters policy quickly. With the Sun, new moon, Mercury, and Neptune all in the watery sign of Pisces in your home sector, be safe rather than sorry. This is also a highly creative, lyrical vibration, so if you are moving, renovating, or doing repair work, the outcome that happens later in the year should please you, and your design choices will be heavenly.

If you are not moving or renovating, then give a party on or after February 25-26, for it will be poetic and romantic, enjoyed by every guest, and two individuals you invite may even fall in love.