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Monthly Horoscopes : Aries (March 21 – April 19) Your Monthly Forecast FEBRUARY 2017

Mars is now in Aries, an enviable position that started last month on January 28. You waited two years for this privilege, and Mars will continue to favor you until March 9. Ancient astrologers wrote that having Mars in your sign is a powerful advantage, for Mars puts your interests first and coaxes you to present your ideas forcefully with courage, determination, and drive.

As you enter February, you will see that your social life is as lively and vibrant as you could ever wish it to be. The Sun is warming your friendship sector, and the new moon on January 27 sent sparkling aspects to Mars in Aries to have you in the center of all the action and boosting your confidence.

To brighten this trend even further, on February 3, Venus will enter Aries and remain until June 6, a very long time. This very long stay of Venus in Aries is mainly because Venus will retrograde in Aries on March 5, ending its retrograde April 15 and ramping up to resume former strength by May 18.

The coming retrograde of Venus means you must make any changes to your appearance now and not wait until March. It’s always vital to have a strong Venus behind you when you make big changes, not a weak Venus in retrograde. Here is your chance to buy flattering new clothes that you will love so much you’ll cut off the price tags and want to wear something new tonight. See your favorite stylist about a hair and makeup consultation too.

During the first week of February, you will have amazing magnetism because Venus and Mars will be within five tiny degrees of a conjunction in YOUR sign, Aries. You have the power of attraction, so flirt with your established partner, or put yourself “out there” to have a fateful meeting. Two lovebird stars will be twinkling overhead just for you.

This month holds two eclipses, February 10 and 26, always the initiators of great change. The first one, a full moon lunar eclipse, will fall in Leo, in your house of true love on February 10. This is the area of your life where you may see a major development – you may declare you’ll be exclusive to the person you have been dating, or get engaged or even married. This eclipse falls near Valentine’s Day, always a favorite time for couples to think about their relationship and progress it. This year, the time near February 10-14 should be a banner time for love. If you are not dating, you have an outstanding chance to meet someone new. Be sure to circulate.

This lunar eclipse is outstandingly favorable, as it forms a golden triangle in the sky. If you are not dating, with Uranus in perfect angle to the Sun, your chances of meeting someone new and who fascinates you is very strong – how exciting! Saturn and Uranus will be in ideal angle, indicating a serious romantic experience could now begin. Saturn and Uranus are rarely in sync, so this is a big aspect and a very good omen of lasting love possible.

The solar eclipse, a new moon, will encourage you to work on a private concern, perhaps with a coach or therapist, to talk about talking about a habit you’ve hoped to overcome. Solar eclipses are powerful – put your mind to overturning that habit or overcoming a fear. Seek help, and it will be done. This same eclipse will be superb for working on a secret product or service, or for having confidential meetings to perfect your strategy on any front. Remember, with Mars in Aries, you will find there’s no mountain too high or river too wide to triumph over.