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Monthly Horoscopes : Aries (March 21 – April 19) Your Monthly Forecast MARCH 2017

Last month, and possibly the month before, was a month when change was likely to take place, because two eclipses came by, both friendly, including a lunar eclipse on February 10 and solar new moon eclipse February 26. All eclipses, even happy ones, require adjustments, because eclipses are one of the universe’s favorite ways to create change.

As you begin March, you will still have the privilege of Mars, your ruler, in Aries until March 9. If you have a plan to initiate something truly important, do so in the month’s first eight days. This timing applies to starting an important relationship too, in love or business. You will be ultra-magnetic and persuasive, and others will want to follow you wherever you go. Mars will be orbiting close to Venus in Aries, a rare event, in very early March too, indicating that your sex appeal will reach new heights. If single, circulate but keep interaction light. It’s not the time to get heavily involved with anyone just yet. Venus will begin to retrograde on March 4 and remain that way until April 15. Venus will take time to reach former strength – until May 18.

So be conservative before rushing into a relationship without knowing one another well. Also, avoid making any big changes to your appearance, for with Venus retrograde, you may not like the results. Of course, you can keep up grooming, but it’s not the time for dramatic changes to your hair color or to schedule plastic surgery. Collect advice, build a folder, and take time to decide on your choices later. Once Venus goes direct, this planet of love and good looks will stay in Aries until June 6 and will be in the best position for you from May 18 to June 6.

In love, while Venus is retrograde, you may go back to an old lover to see if you both can make a go of things again. Honestly, the deck is slightly stacked against that happening, but you can get closure, and you may beat the odds. Do not take any permanent romantic steps at this time – let love unfold slowly like the petals of a flower. If you can, delay an engagement until the end of May. Despite all this talk of Venus retrograde, you will have fun. Mars in Taurus will blend beautifully with Venus in Aries, due to what astrologers call a mutual reception, making each planet work like the  others buddy and even changing roles with each other. You will be catnip to admirers, so stay confident, mix and mingle, but by all means, take your time.

The full moon in Virgo on March 12 will emphasize your fitness and health, and you may find you will reach a personal best in athletics or as you work with your trainer, or the full moon may bring good news about a medical test that your doctor administered. If you are prescribed a new medicine, ask about possible side effects as Neptune’s position at the full moon may fog results. If a test result seems “off” ask to have the test done again. Health matters will now reach a final point.

You will also find that you are working on a deadline at the office, and will finish it within the four days that follow this full moon March 12. This project has lots of detail, so you will have to slow down and make sure your piece is well researched and double checked for accuracy.

With four planets stacked in your twelfth house mid-month, you might be feeling unusually prescient, so follow those hunches. Your intuition will be given to you to protect you, and will give you night vision to clarify a puzzling situation. Aries is not typically known to have psychic episodes, but this month you may. Write down an important dream if you have one, and find a friend to dissect it with you to get to the meaning.

The new moon on March 27 has your name written all over it. The Sun, new moon, Venus, Uranus and Mercury will be in Aries – that is remarkable, for that adds up to having half our solar system cruising in your sign – and those heavenly bodies will put you in the lead. You will have control over events and relationships, and things will likely go your way. This could be a landmark month, for Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, is now in your marriage house, and you may be making a promise to the one you love, such as to get engaged or wed near your birthday. If you are already wed, you can draw up an exciting blueprint of a future goal with your one-and-only.

There is more to cheer about. Starting earlier, on March 9 through April 21, Mars, your ruler (always an indicator to where your attention will be drawn), will be in practical Taurus, and because Mars will contact Pluto in your house of fame, you will be impressing VIPs with your work and vision. You may see more money in your paycheck too, as a result of this aspect, and your title may be expanded as well. (Mars and Pluto will be close enough to be in significant aspect at month’s end, and will hit perfection on April 6.)

You seem to have it all this month, dear Aries. With Venus and Mars in your sign in early month, you will be catnip to admirers.