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Monthly Horoscopes : Aries (March 21 – April 19) Your Monthly Forecast JANUARY 2017

As you enter January, four heavenly bodies are twinkling in your tenth house of professional honors, awards, and achievement, including the mighty Sun and new moon, powerhouse Pluto, and newsy Mercury. The new moon of last month, December 29, kicked off this sensational career trend, so if you want a new position in another company, or hope for a promotion or a title with more responsibility in your present job, this is the time to let VIPs know you are open to talks. Part of any new job you take will be to oversee budgets, because the planets in Capricorn are associated with large global companies and massive budgetary appropriations. Of all the coming months of the New Year, the first half of January represents your very best chance to move up the ladder of success.

Mercury will be retrograde as you begin January – a holdover from the date Mercury started this trend December 19 – and will regulate its orb January 8. Mercury is in your career sector now, so you may have experienced delays in completing projects lately, but things will speed up soon after January 8. If you had asked for a promotion in December, the answer should come to you in the second week of January. This is the right month for great career news.

Your home may be your focus at the full moon, January 12. Don’t have an overly packed schedule at this time – a home or family-related matter will need your quick attention, and it won’t be anything you would see coming. Fortunately, Mars, your ruler, will be in helpful angle, allowing you to solve or settle whatever surfaces. Uranus and Saturn will work together too, allowing you to find a long-range solution.

Friends will surround you after the new moon arrives January 27-28. You may be invited to a large party or charity benefit, or you might attend a lecture populated by many attendees. Alternatively, you may go to a trade show, conference, sporting event, or other gathering that will draw people together for a common interest or cause. With Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, in such sweet angle to Saturn, you will have a chance to make a new friend. Be open and friendly to those you meet – you will be received in kind.

Romantically, the cosmic lovers, Mars and Venus are orbiting in close proximity in your behind-the-scenes sector, not in conjunction, but close enough to be significant at month’s end. A good friend may set you up on a blind date, and if so, you may find great chemistry exists between you and your date – you both might be off to a good start.