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Monthly Horoscopes : Virgo (August 23 – September 22) Your Monthly Forecast JANUARY 2017

As a Virgo, you are so diligent about getting projects done that it is often hard for you to relax on a holiday. While everyone was partying last month, you were still very concerned with details of the holiday and tasks that had to be finished for family to fully enjoy it. It was not until Mercury, your ruler, began to retrograde last month on December 19 that the pace slowed down. Now, as you enter January, you are just starting to get into the swing of the social scene and will want to make time to enjoy fun and love.

The new moon that occurred December 29 started to put you in the mood for romance, for along with the new moon was the Sun, Mercury, and Pluto, all in Capricorn and crowded into your fifth house ruling love. This trend will be strong all month, but particularly in the first ten days. This same house also rules pleasures of being with children, good news about pregnancy, and enjoying and expressing creativity.

Capricorn blends perfectly with your Virgo Sun, and this area is still powerfully strong for you. By all means, if you can, let your hair down and enjoy the slower pace that January will offer.

If you still pine for someone you used to love but lost in a breakup, Mercury retrograde until January 9 will be the right time to be in touch again. Have dinner, and see how you feel – is the old spark still there? If yes, great! If not, at least you will be able to get closure on that relationship.

If you are attached or single and want to be married, it may help to know that your seventh house is shimmering with vibrations from Mars and Neptune, indicating you may be designing a wedding soon. If you are attached, you seem to be very focused on your partner, who will inspire you in ways you’ve not seen in a long time.

Working on a creative project with a collaborator this month would be a superb idea, whether that partner is a person you love, or someone you will join forces with in business. If you write screenplays for a living, for example, choose a writing partner and the results will be greater than the sum of the parts.

Friends may want you to participate in an event that may eventually prove to be costly, and you may realize this at the full moon, January 12. Uranus will send a harsh beam from his perch in your eighth house of credit cards, taxes, loans, and other funds, suggesting that you may have already accepted the invitation and are now being confronted with an unusually high stack of mounting expenses. Or, it maybe that your accountant tells you that instead of getting money back, you will need to pay into taxes or bills, suggesting you will need to curtail a certain desire you had to travel, purchase an expensive item, or participate in your best friend’s destination wedding.

Indeed, some sort of financial news seems to rock you near January 12 and will require an adjustment. A partner, indicated by the position of Mars, may kindly offer to help, but you seem reluctant to accept, perhaps because you feel there will be strings attached, or that you will feel overwhelmed, not knowing how you’d find a way to repay that kind gesture.

Romantically, the close orbit of Mars and Venus in Pisces all month but particularly near January 12 indicates just how well the two of you get along with your one and only. It is a very affectionate time, so share ideas for future dreams that you will build together.