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Monthly Horoscopes : Virgo (August 23 – September 22) Your Monthly Forecast JULY 2017

The first three weeks of July will be yours to play. Mars, the planet that brings focus and energy, is still in Cancer, a sweet spot for you, and will remain there until July 20. Mars AND the Sun are lighting your eleventh house of fun and friends, and the possibility of meeting new people and attending events should make for a busy social season for you. Be open to making a new friend – one new friend can open you up to a new view of life and many new interests. Be excited – this is your time to shine. As a Virgo, you are very conscientious and always eager to get your work projects finished to perfection, but the universe wants you to rest and unwind, so you will need to push back from your desk and your computer for a while – being refreshed will help your work.

When Mars enters Leo for the first time in two years on July 20, to September 5, you will almost instantly need to jump on your skateboard and begin to move at the speed of light. This level of intensity will continue for nearly six weeks. Once you treat yourself to time away from your work, it usually takes you a week for more to completely unwind and let go of everyday cares. All indications are that you will accomplish that feat. July or August would be an ideal time to take a relaxing vacation. A frenetic trip would not be in sync with the rhythm of your life, so take it easy.

Love will capture your imagination at the lovely full moon, July 8, a weekend when all you can think about will be a relationship. True love can inspire, energize, and rejuvenate you, and it seems that if you have been dating a person seriously, at this tender full moon, you will feel all these emotions and more strongly. Pluto, the great transformer, will travel arm-in-arm with the full moon in Capricorn, adding strength and confidence concerning any step you might decide to take at this time. No matter what happens, you will benefit. If you feel you and your partner are not right for each other, then part, for you can find someone new who will be better suited to you. If you are in love, then make plans to grow closer, in any way you feel comfortable doing. This full moon might also bring a discussion about a pregnancy or a discussion of how to delight a child you have now.

Mercury, your ruler, will be unusually active in July. One of your best days will be July 14, when travel and communication planet Mercury and good fortune Jupiter will be in sync. You may enjoy a long weekend away, July 14-16, a perfect time to go.

July 19, Mercury will team up with Saturn in friendly way, giving longevity to any venture you begin on this day. If you make a victory on this day, it will have “legs” to take you to new places in your career. It’s a good day to sign papers on July 19, as is July 14 for signing as well. In astrology, a verbal agreement is considered the same as a written one.

June was a big month for decisions and possible good news, and July keeps career events moving forward in your favor. Venus will be in Gemini from July 4 to 30 and touring your tenth house of honors, awards, and achievement. Venus will make you popular with both VIPs and subordinates alike. Your work will get fine reviews this month, so be brave an offer your best ideas with conviction. The time near the full moon, July 8, will be an especially powerful day – your creativity will be very evident, and likely applauded by VIPs whose support you need to get your idea funded and given the green light to begin.

The month will end with a whisper. You clearly will want time away from your usual routine after the new moon appears, July 23. You will likely crave sunshine and fresh air, so think about heading to a secluded beach with the person you love, or if you are not attached, with a friend. Be away from city noise – you need to hear nothing but the sound of crashing waves against the shore, an occasional sea gull singing his song overhead, or the crackle of a fire you might build on the beach after sundown. If you go to an island like Nantucket, you might hear an old foghorn in the stillness of early morning. Your need to remove yourself from the madding crowd will be very strong in July and August, especially near the new moon in Leo July 23 and the coming solar eclipse in Leo, August 21. Reward yourself with the gift of quietude.