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Monthly Horoscopes : Virgo (August 23 – September 22) Your Monthly Forecast FEBRUARY 2017

This will be a busy month, for as you begin February, the recent January 27 new moon in Aquarius will stir up daily activity at the office, studio, or lab where you work, and many new assignments will be coming in. Something about the projects you are working on will bring you into a new area, possibly such as into one of these areas: the digital world, apps and breakthrough software, virtual and augmented reality, telecommunications, space and medical research, and possibly even astrology. Saturn will take what is useful from the past, preserve it, and then help you to form a foundation for the future. Remarkably, this month Saturn will reach out to Uranus, the planet that sparks innovation and progress, producing an aspect of hope and one that will help you provide a base for a stable new future. In short, originality and progress will lead to security.

The early part of February would also be the right time to begin a fitness regimen. If yours has become predictable, consider joining a new gym or new class within the gym you are a member of now. Or sign up for classes in a new sport, or find outdoor sports you can do in early February. Also, see about having a physical exam, for this eclipse will encourage efforts toward creating a stronger healthier you. Include a dental and eye exam. Speaking to a therapist or coach is also a possibility, as the eclipse will be in the part of your chart associated with mental clarity and healing.

A large part of the month will focus you on finances. There is no doubt that your expenses will be high, possibly because you will be paying taxes or tuition, but even if you feel that you feel overwhelmed with large bills, it appears help is on the way in the form of an outstandingly positive and supportive lunar full moon eclipse, February 10. Money will pour in to you, especially near February 9 to 13, and you won’t expect it to come.

The full moon of February 10 will appear in your eighth house of other people’s money. While you may be seeing large checks go out, it seems more likely that this encouraging eclipse will bring a generous amount of money into your bank account, too. The type of money may be an approved bank loan, line of credit, new credit card, mortgage, refinance plan, infusion of venture capital, university financial aid, or scholarship. Additionally, you might see a windfall from an inheritance, insurance payout, prize winning, favorable and very generous court settlement, or another type of windfall of cash.

If you want to buy a condo or house, or sell one, the stars this month will favor you, and you will get the money you need or the price you are hoping to get.

You may be getting married or setting the date for a marriage at the new moon solar eclipse, February 26. The new moon will find you deeply inspired by your partner and ready to make a commitment. If you are married, your mate will have news, and any plans you have made will step up your pace and move at fast-forward.

If marriage is not in your sightline, you might find that this eclipse affects you in a business way. You may take on someone to represent you at this new moon (or vice versa, a great talent to represent), and Neptune’s presence suggests that if you are an actor or an artist, you can find an agent or manager who understands your work and who can do an excellent job of representing you. If you are the agent or manager, you will enjoy the artistic, creative elements that you will be exposed to this month through your work.

Neptune is making the most decisive signals to the solar eclipse, and is a planet that can bring great imaginative expressions. If you are not an artist or work in support staff to artists, and are in a business deal in any other field, have your accountant and lawyer look over every word of your agreement. Uranus and Mars will orbit closely on February 26, suggesting you might find someone will be contentious with you about money, but your aspects are positive, so soldier on.

Single? You might love Valentine’s Day this year, when Saturn, the ruler of your true love sector, will send a shimmering beam to the Sun. If you meet someone on this day, the alliance is likely to stick.