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Monthly Horoscopes : Virgo (August 23 – September 22) Your Monthly Forecast MARCH 2017

This month, March brings the Sun as far away from Virgo as is possible, so it marks your “winter” as it is a time when it is hard for you to feel the Sun’s warmth. Until the Sun loops around its elliptical orbit at the end of this month and starts its journey back to your birthday time in September – a stretch of six months – you will do best to work collaboratively. At times, you may feel voted down on certain key topics, or that competitors are being aggressive and impossible to cajole. If you feel competitors becoming aggressive, it will not be your imagination, so you will do best by keeping alert, being a team player, and being willing to carry out the ideas of the group without being tempted to take a stand. The deck is temporarily stacked against you acting alone, but only for now. It’s very possible that you were right all along, but for now you must let others have their time in the Sun.

In your personal life, with the Sun, new moon solar eclipse of February 26 still strong, Neptune, and Mercury crowded in your house of partnership and commitment, you may get engaged or married. A friendly solar eclipse lit your marriage, partnership and commitment sector of your chart on February 26. If you are already committed, you may decide ways to do something more with your union to make it grow and flourish. Alternatively, if you are not married, or even close to exchanging rings and promises, you may instead decide to make a business partnership official.

Keep in mind that Neptune will be very close to the Sun in your house of serious commitments and alliances, so you may be making a union based on impressions and assumptions, but not on complete information. Take your time and know your partner well before you make any move.

Mars will tour your eighth house of money during the first nine days of March, indicating you have been focusing on money management. You may be having meetings with your financial advisor or accountant about how to make your savings grow at a faster clip, or to hear about legal deductions you can take advantage of on your taxes. You seem to have already had a surprise expense or large influx of cash – or both. If this has not happened yet, one or both events may occur in the first days of March. Uranus, the planet of surprise, will be next to Mars in March’s first week the reason for the wide swings possible, either favorable or unfavorable. With Uranus, you never know which way things will go, for it is the wild card of the solar system.

Your own interests will be at the center of the stage at the full moon in Virgo on March 12. Pluto in Capricorn will be in ideal angle to the full moon and Sun, allowing for full and complete a transformational personal experience. At this time, something dearly important to you will reach culmination and finish. To have powerhouse Pluto on your side is quite an advantage, and doubly so if your birthday falls on or very close to September 14. This full moon will be made for you.

The end of the month brings a new moon in Aries on March 27, a good time to be discussing an entrepreneurial idea. You have a crowd of planets in your eighth house that rules one-time influx of money, such as an infusion of venture capital, an insurance payout, a large sum of back child support, divorce or other court cash settlement, a tax refund, student financial aid, grant, inheritance, mortgage, or other bank loan. The point is this is unusual funding that will allow you to find a way to get the money to fund a dream. Alternatively, you may be given the green light to move ahead on a creative project. Whatever occurs at this time will happen suddenly, without warning. Thankfully, Mars in Taurus will partner in harmony with Pluto in Capricorn, a sign that money could be on the way to you if you do your research and prepare an accurate business plan.

Travel is indicated, but might bring obstacles. Venus rules your solar ninth house of travel, but Venus will go retrograde from March 4 to April 15. This suggests that the purpose of your trip, whether business-financial or romantic-relaxation, will not reach its mark. This period would also not be the time to do any major changes to your appearance, whether plastic surgery, a radical change in hair color, or new but untried dermatological treatment. Venus will ramp up to full power weeks after this planet of beauty and grace goes direct – on May 18. Venus holds sway over your finances too, so in coming weeks you may rethink investments in concert with your trusted advisor. You are a patient soul, and this month, that quality in you will be a winning one.