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Monthly Horoscopes : Libra (September 23 – October 22) Your Monthly Forecast MAY 2017

It is May, when nature is at her prettiest – in full bloom – so it seems fitting that you bank account will blossom beautifully too. The first part of May will be magically financial in that you can find ways to increase your income and your investments, streamline your insurance needs, and find ways to get the most from your dollars. You seem to be investigating ways to tighten up spending by looking over your recurring costs to see if you can find any that you consider unnecessary or even wasteful. Examine all your bills as they come in this month, and then talk with your financial advisor who has fiduciary responsibility to you to see if any changes in your financial portfolio would be indicated.

The full moon of May 10 will find you paying bills. If you asked for a raise, this is when you’d hear back about that question – you will soon see that the stars will be twinkling in your favor. Alternatively, you may be spending a large sum at this full moon, possibly for the purchase of a house, condo, or business. No matter what your big purchase might be, you will have chosen the right time to put down your money. You are likely to be offered a very attractive mortgage or home improvement or other bank loan or line of credit now, too. If you need venture capital, it is there for you. If you are managing your parent’s estate or hear of an inheritance, things are likely to be better than expected.

On May 9, you will be especially creative if you ask a collaborator act as a sounding board to your ideas, for Mercury will conjoin Uranus in your partnership sector, a rare aspect that will light your mind with brilliant light. This could also turn out to be a highly romantic day, too, especially if you travel to a distant point together, as Uranus rules your true love sector, and Mercury, travel.

Keep in mind that Mercury, the planet of travel and communication, was retrograde almost all last month, but will go direct this month, May 3, a far better time to travel, make a big purchase, or to sign papers. Additionally, Venus was retrograde too, from March 5 to April 15, and is gaining her former strength with each passing day. Venus is your ruler, so that period was tough for you to make swift progress – in fact, it was probably impossible. There are so many reasons May will be a happier month for you.

The yearning to travel will be very strong this month, due to Mars’ entry into your long-distance travel house starting late last month and continuing until June 4. Go now, as your career is about to get very active in June, and you’ll want to be there to take advantage of all the opportunities to advance. The new moon of May 25 will be in Gemini and set things in motion. Luxury-minded Jupiter will be in contact with that new moon, ensuring you’ll have a broadening experience and be able to enjoy beautiful accommodations too.

Choose a location that allows you the choice to visit two fascinating locations, for the moon in Gemini is a double bodied sign – Gemini will have you thinking in terms of two towns or cities. Actually, even if you have no plans to travel, you might go spontaneously on May 30 when Mars and Uranus team up. Near or far, you can choose what to do and how to do it – flee town!

All month you can make impressive progress with home-related matters, because Saturn will be beautifully conversant with Uranus. This is an aspect as rare as it is wonderful, for after 2017 comes to a close, it will not come again until 2047. This will help you think of outstanding ideas for improving your home living situation, and also help you find love and joy with a partner, with children, or with creative pursuits. It looks like this year your personal life will show all kinds of possibilities for a fresh feeling of rebirth, and reasons for excitement.