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Monthly Horoscopes : Libra (September 23 – October 22) Your Monthly Forecast JANUARY 2017

Your home space or other property you might own is about to get most of your attention, thanks to the new moon that recently appeared on December 29 in Capricorn. With the holidays past, you can give your full concentration to your home and to what you’d like to do to make it more stylish and inviting.

Mercury will still be retrograde, a holdover from last month when it started December 19, so if you want to buy new computer items or a flat screen TV or new refrigerator, it is best to wait until after Mercury goes direct, January 8. Mercury rules the moving parts in all machines (even automobiles), so you need to hold off buying electronics and digital items. If you don’t wait, you risk not being satisfied by your purchase. It would be wise to hold off on the purchase of expensive furniture or a mattress too, simply because those items are big and difficult to return if something goes wrong.

If you, like me, need a computer because your present one went on the fritz, that’s okay because you will have already been stung by Mercury – you have used up his potentially bad side. If you are doing a renovation, the contractor may have overruns or a need to show you something he discovered that has to be fixed before proceeding.

At work, lots of activity will go on, and you will also need to be vigilant to make sure a project is moving in the right direction. Keep looking over subordinates’ work for possible errors, typos, and wrong assumptions. On one hand, the assignments will be very imaginative, allowing much room for creativity, but on the other hand, not everyone will be clear about what needs to be done.

You will you need to hover over the people who work for you at home too. Indeed, a home-related project might go off in the wrong direction just as you were hoping to get it finished at the full moon, January 12. Things finish at a full moon, so this may mark deadline time. If you need to pitch an idea or new business, this might be when you will do it. Yet if you have a business partner or close collaborator, be prepared for you and your partner not to see eye to eye at this full moon, and that will likely frustrate you.

You may find that your romantic or business partner acts erratically at this full moon, January 12, plus or minus four days, due to the rogue behavior of Uranus, bringing news you would have never expected. Although it appears your attention will be directed to your career and also to your business partner, it may be your spouse that distracts you too, so you’ll need to keep a 360-degree view. If your birthday falls on or within four days of October 12, you will strongly feel the jarring effects of Uranus, so keep your schedule light.

Your favorite part of your month will arrive near the end. The new moon in Aquarius of January 27 will be sunshine in a bottle. Aquarius is an air sign like yours, so straight off, you know the new moon will be kind to you. Just when you thought your relationship was not going well, or if single, that you’d never meet anyone interesting, this cheerful new moon will come to change and improve your love life in the blink of an eye. If you are single and not dating, you may soon have a chance encounter with someone intriguing who is perfectly suited to you. If you are attached, this new moon will set the stage for weeks of fun together, going straight to February, culminating in a memorable Valentine’s Day. (Stay tuned! This year Valentine’s Day is as sweet as the chocolates you will be nibbling on!)