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Monthly Horoscopes : Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21) Your Monthly Forecast JULY 2017

Money will be on your mind most of the month, a trend that started last month on June 4 and is set to extend until July 20, thanks to the tour of Mars in Cancer. Before you reach July 20, and see Mars leave your eighth house of credit, taxes, loans, sponsorship, venture capital, insurance, and the like, you will have a full moon on July 8 that will conclude many of your financial actions and decisions. No doubt at that full moon you will also be paying a number of bills but likely see money come in to you too. You seem anxious to move forward on your dearest projects that require funding, for the Sun at the full moon of July 9 will be conjunct Mars, the planet of action and energy. At the same time, Pluto will be conjunct the moon, so someone might be heavy-handed with you and demand certain agreements from you that you may not like. You are superb at communicating your thoughts, so stand up for yourself, but at the same time, do so without throwing gasoline on the fire. You want to keep things civil – it seems you need this money person in your life, so if you need that person’s support, be diplomatic.

After July 20, you will see the emphasis on money fade, and energy of the month will change in your favor. After that date, you will start to direct your attention to travel, events, and negotiations going on at a distance or overseas. Mars will move out of your eighth house of other people’s money on July 20, immediately calming down the strong financial outgo of recent weeks. Your attention will switch to travel, or to international interests where you may be involved in the exchange of ideas, creativity, goods, or services. You may additionally (or alternatively) be given an assignment or publicity involving the media, perhaps being given the chance to write a book or article, or produce a segment. Or, you may have progress concerning a matter related to your desire to get a college or graduate school degree, or to be approved to get your final credentials at month’s end too. Legal activities that you might undertake include registering a patent or trademark.

Something very important seems to be going on in the travel and international arena – along with the other areas I listed – because next month we have a solar eclipse on August 21 in the same part of your chart. Solar eclipses are always a harbinger of life-altering news, and the coming eclipses will be outstandingly friendly. Foreign people and places, broadcasting and publishing ventures, import-export, and legal matters all seem connected in some way. This is exciting. This month the new moon of July 23 will touch members of your sign who were born in November, and next month, the August 21 solar new moon eclipse will strongly affect those born near December 20.

Stay away from working on any of the matters listed above on July 17, when Mars and Uranus will be at direct odds. Travel will be difficult, with unexpected delays and problems – legal activities will bring roadblocks, and generally, July 17 won’t be anyone’s favorite day. Avoid buying electronic items on this day too.

You will have two days that will be wonderful for your career progress, and the first one will arrive on July 14, when Mercury, the ruler of your tenth house of honors, awards, and achievement, will speak first to Jupiter, now in Libra. It seems a friend will be instrumental in getting you an amazing client or job opportunity.

The second day that is likely to bring strong career progress will be July 19, when Mercury, the planet ruling your career success, will speak with Saturn in Sagittarius, bringing stability and very likely bring long-term growth.

When it comes to romance, your closest committed relationship, whether in love or business, will go smoothly once gentle Venus begins to tour your opposite sign of Gemini, July 4 to July 31. No matter if you have had disagreements, your relationships in business and in romance will go well. One of your very favorite weekends for love will be July 29-30, when Venus and Uranus, now sending messages to one another from your solar house of true love, will intertwine and bring you a very happy, flirtatious experience. Venus is known to spark the spark of love, so look your best!