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Monthly Horoscopes : Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21) Your Monthly Forecast MAY 2017

You enter May very busy, for the sweet new moon of April 26 seems to have set in motion talks about a new and important assignment. While you will feel that every minute has to count, and will be motivated to push on many of the assignments that appear to be on the assembly line, coming down the pike. However, they’re being held up, so be patient – they are coming. Instead, you also might want to think about taking good care of your body, especially when you’re under stress. Mercury won’t go direct until May 3, and even then, things won’t be fully ironed out until May 20, so take your time.

That new moon of late last month lit your sixth house of health, so consider making appointments with your doctor, dentist, eye doctor, and with your trainer or coach. Although it may be hard to find the time, the long-term benefits that will accrue to you will far outweigh the inconvenience of being away from work for that half day. Health should always come first. If you have stopped working out at the gym, you might now want to start again, for with powerhouse Pluto helping you, you can now make an impressive transformation. Sagittarius is an athletic sign, often talented in sports, and you may be too, so this would be the right time to develop a masterful proficiency in a fitness program that you love.

The theme of improving your mind-body-spirit will continue at the full moon, May 10. If you have been in a protocol of treatments or physical therapy, or if you have been seeing a psychologist, you may have a breakthrough within four days of this full moon. If you need a procedure or surgery, and you like your doctor, you might want to set the future date for it at this full moon. Additionally, your intuition will be strong at this time, so follow your hunches, even if you have no evidence to do so – that proof will come later.

This full moon, May 10, will also get encouragement from Neptune, based in your home sector. If you have been working on a design project, Neptune, planet of creativity and grace, will lead you to find an array of solutions you will love. Pluto will also be in the right spot to help you make a savvy financial negotiation, possibly related to real estate or the project you’re thinking about now.

Neptune can help you in another, more spiritual way and help you to come to know a mystery in your family. If you were adopted and have been searching for your birth mother or father, you may find clues now that will encourage you to continue looking, or, it may be that you will locate your parent now.

Now that Venus is no longer retrograde as of April 15, and ramped up and back to former strength as of May 18, you will find that making progress in matters of work and health to become easier. It will also be more possible now to connect with your friends, which is always a plus, making life much more fun. Mercury will go direct on May 3, and gradually, you’ll see increasing progress in terms of professional matters. Watch May 20, an important demarcation in your timeline.

Your partner, in love or business, will also be an important focus this month. You now have Mars, the action planet, in your seventh house of business and romantic partners. You may want to sign a business partner, or in your private life, move to the next level of commitment in love. Mars is the great energizer, but at times can also create discord. Mars does that to bring out a touchy subject that might be festering under the surface between you and your partner. Mars does a thorough check, and if it finds nothing, you will not feel his presence and will easily fly through the period. If you do find you are arguing with a partner, it means you are both engaged in what you are trying to achieve, a good sign. We can’t always expect to agree with others, and it’s not even good for us to do so!

A plus side to Mars’ presence is to energize you to move closer, possibly by getting engaged or married, or, if in a business relationship, to officially sign a contract together. You may now legally take on an agent, manager, or collaborator, such as a writing partner, accountant, or lawyer who has a specialty that you need and who can help you get ahead.

Your focus on coupling up in love or business will be given an even BIGGER boost as soon as the new moon on May 25 comes by. All new moons open a portal of energy that lasts 10 days. You will then be ready to set up defined plans for you and your partner for the future.

If you are single, you will do well too, as Venus is now in Aries, touring your true love sector all month. Mars and surprise-a-minute Uranus will align on May 30, making it a dazzling day to have fun, enjoy romance, and see friends. Furthermore, Mars’ lover, Venus, wants to help too, so she will also team up with surprise planet Uranus in Aries on June 3, and you will feel these two planets’ energies building in the last week of May as they approach that perfect alignment. Attached or single, May is for you! Go out and kick up your heels!