Viewers Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

  • What is the concept ?

    • Its simple but interesting Earning While Learning (EWL) concept, get rewards for zero investment and for no buying/selling of products; on top of it you see Offer of the day, offer of the month, participate in quiz etc.

      1. It is true fact, whether advertisement is of our interest or not, we see ads of companies' products and services in our personal time and unless we buy, we do not get any thing in return.
      2. General knowledge (GK) and Intelligent Quotient (IQ) is become one of the most important part for our career growth, we need to keep updated ourselves for matters related with our profession.

      Keeping the above facts in mind, we have created the portal for you where you sees offer of the day, offer of the month, participate in quiz directly linked with your profession etc and you are rewarded for it.

      The value of reward is unbelievable because we have used the technique in which you are being rewarded even when others are seeing ads of their interest etc.

      Once you are happy with the concept and want to maximize your reward, simply refer this portal to your near and dear ones without any obligation on your part

  • Will I need to pay for registration ?

    • No you need not to pay anything to join VBA. It is absolutely free!!!

  • What I need to do at your Portal ?

    • You will see the advertisement of your own interest, fill the forms of advertisers, you can see the offer of the month,play the quiz, HQC,Number Game, Predict the Number, Memory Booster everyday and get reward points.

  • Why are you rewarding viewers?

    • We are rewarding viewers for viewing the ads of their interest and participating in various games in their personal time. As our software is facilitating advertisers to show the ads only to their end prospects, they are displaying the ads on our portal & we are sharing the revenue with viewers.

  • How Can I join VBA ?

    • You need to go to home page & fill up the Sign Up form. You need to provide either the email Id or VBA ID of the person who referred you about this site. When you submit the form an email will be sent to you & when you click the link given in the email you will be redirected to our site to fill up your profile (Name/age/education etc). After submitting the profile your account will be activated.

  • Where can I get my VBA ID ?

    • When you log in to VBA then on the top right corner you will find a welcome note in your name along with a numeric no. in bracket which is your VBA ID.

  • What will happen if I do not fill VBA ID or any referral email id ?

    • You can sign up without supplying any referral ID also but you wont get the advantage of spill over system available in making your tree.

  • What is the use of VBA ID ?

    • The VBA ID is very important as you need to give this no to all your friends & relatives to whom you make the members of VBA. When they will sign up to VBA they need to provide this VBA ID or your email id in the column "referred by" to become the part of your team. VBA ID is useful for future correspondence with us.

  • How much time it will take to see all these ?

    • You will have to give 30 to 45 Minutes every day on the portal. However you can spent more time to increase your earning, to make others to join VBA under you.

  • How I will be rewarded ?

    • You will be  rewarded for each and every activity you perform on VBA based on rules of that activity. When you like the concept & refer the site to your friends & relatives and they become the member of VBA in your team, and they see the ads of their interest, you will get the gift points in your account. In this way any person in your group when click the ads you will get rewarded.You will also get the gift points every day for viewing offer of the day ,offer of the month, replying the correct answers of quiz, playing the memory game and Number game. 

  • Is it a multilevel marketing ?

    • No it is not multilevel marketing (MLM). You need to refer the site to more & more people to get more & more reward points, but since there is no registration charges to join the concept & also there is no buying & selling of any product, you do not have any obligation on your part which makes it different from MLM.

  • How many person can be there in a group?

    • There are eight levels & at each level the maximum no. of viewers are fixed. At level one there can be maximum 3 members, level two there can be maximum 9 members, level 3 it is 27, level 4 it is 81 & so on in the multiple of 3 upto level 8. In one group there can be maximum 9840 members form level one to level eight













      Max. No of Viewers











  • Is there any compulsion of making minimum number of members ?

    • No we are not compelling anyone for making minimum number of members, however to get more rewards it is in the interest of a member to make his team as big as possible.
  • How I will be rewarded for the clicks of team members ?

    • You will get the rewards based on the level of your team member. When a person at your level one clicks one advertisement you will get one reward point, when level 2 person clicks one ad you will get 2 points & when level 8 person clicks one ad you will get 8 reward points.











      Gift Point/Click










  • What is the advantage for me If any member made by my down line member?

    • You will get the maximum benefit of the same as any new member made by your down line will be down by level 1 from that person. For example if your 3rd level member is making a new member then he will be at your 4th level & his one click will give you 4 points.

      No of Ads Actually Viewed by you

      Activity %

      Points Credited in your Account



















  • Is there any deduction on reward earned if few members of team is not clicking the ads ?

    • No., there is no any deduction for the same. You will get the points of the team members who so ever is clicking the ads based on their level in your group.

  • Can I replace the inactive member of my team?

    • No., you can not. VBA tries its level best to make the inactive members active by sending them emails/sms etc. However If a member is not active for a specified time then his account will automatically be deleted.

  • Is there any deduction on reward earned if I am not clicking the ads on a particular day ?

    • Yes. The reward points you are getting for the clicks of your team members, is credited to your account based on your total no of clicks on the ads available for you on a particular day. See the table given below for example. However it will not affect your already earned reward points or reward points to be earned in the coming days.

  • Where can I see the details of my team members & no of clicks made by them ?

    • You can see the team members at your each level in "My team & Gift points". In this section when you click the "Clicks by Date" icon you can see the date wise no of clicks made by your team. When you click the particular date on the calendar shown, you will get the complete details of no of members at your each level, clicks made by them & reward points received to you on that day.

  • How much I can earn through your Portal ?

    • It depends on the size of your team, and their activities on our portal. You can calculate your income through "Reward Calculator" given on the home page. e.g. If there is only 5 ads on the portal to view, & if you have all the active members in your team the earning will be calculated as under:

  • Where can I see my earning value ?

    • You can see the month wise earning in your account statement page. There are three pages on account statement page. On first page the summary is available. On second page you can see the rewards you redeemed till date, the pending rewards for approval etc & on last page you can see the date wise your reward points of the current month.

  • How this reward points will be converted into worth?

    • As soon as your account balance reaches to RS. 1200.00 (USD 24)(i.e. 120000 points), you become eligible to redeem your reward. You will get 1/3rd amount of total reward as cash (by Account payee cheque) and 2/3rd amount in the way of Gift Vouchers.

  • How much time it will take to reach to the level of Rs 500 or Rs 1200?

    • It Depends on you only. You can achieve this level in first month itself. For this you need to make as many members as possible below you and keep them active. If you hv 200 active members in yr group you can reach to the level of Rs. 500.00 (USD 10) or Rs 1200.00 (USD 24) in one one month itself.

  • If I forget to redeem reward points, will it be lapsed?

    • No The reward points are valid for Life time. It never expires. So if you do not redeem the same it will be carry forwarded as opening balance of next month's reward point. You can accumulate the reward points as long as you wish & you can redeem the same as & when you want.

  • Is there any dead line (Fixed date) by which we have to sent request for reward redemption?

    • No. On 1st Day of any month if your account balance is reaches to the redemption limit of either of the case, you can redeem your reward points any time in that month. But if your reward point value is less then the thrushold limit of redemption amount on 1st of any month & reaches to that limit in the mid of that month, you can make the request any day in the next month.

  • How Can I get Cash & Gift Rewards?

    • As soon as your account balance reaches to threshold limit of redemption , you have to make online request for the same. In your account statement, you need to click the "Request for Rewards" icon to send request for reward redemption. You will get 1/3rd amount of total reward as cash (by Account payee cheque) and 2/3rd amount in the way of Gift Vouchers. You also need to upload the scan copy of one of your photo identity proofs (PAN card/ Voter ID/ School ID/ Collage ID / Bank Pass book/ Driving License / Passport). Once we get the request, our account team verifies the details & then sends the Cheque to your postal address which will take minimum 30 days. And Gift voucher will be redeem online thru
      If you want, you can convert your Cash Rewards to Gift Rewards, but you cannot convert your Gift Rewards to Cash Rewards.

  • Can I redeem any one component from Cheque & Gift Voucher & accumulate the other?

    • Yes .you can do that.

  • How can I refer this portal to more & more people ?

    • You can click on "Get More Rewards" icon which facilitates you to import all your contacts from Gmail /Yahoo /Hotmail / Facebook /Twitter. You can send them a request to join this unique concept by clicking the sent button. You can also use "Tell a Friend " icon to send joining request. By this you can send only 4 requests at a time while thru "Get More Reward" you can send the request to all your contacts in single click. There is a referral link is also available on the bottom of each page after your log in to VBA, which you can send to any one. When he will click on the link he will redirected to sign up page with your VBA ID as referral ID.

  • If any of my friends or relatives join the concept thru my mail, will he be in my team ?

    • Yes. when he clicks the link sent by you, by default your VBA ID will filled into his sign up form's "Referred By" field & he will become your team member on joining.

  • Can I register more then one member thru my system?

    • Yes. You can register as many members as you wish, thru one system. The only restriction is that they all should view the advertisements thru different systems.

  • Is it necessary for me to view offer of the day from the system thru which I register or thru the system I generally used ?

    • No. You can view offer of the day from any system in the world, as long as other person has not viewed from that system.

  • Can I View offer of the day for more then once in a day ?

    • Yes. You can view offer of the day as many times as you wish in a day, but the reward point will be credited only once in a day.

  • What happen if I could not see offer of the day for the given time ?

    • You will not get the reward point.

  • What happens if I gave wrong answer to a quiz question? Is there negative marking too ?

    • You will not get point for wrong answers, but there is no negative marking system

  • How can I change my profile particulars ?

    • If you want changes in any of your profile particulars like address/ marital status / qualification/ Income/ you can send us a request on “Contact Us” mentioning your VBA ID no.

  • What is "Get Rewards".Where wil I find it?

    • You will find "Get Rewards" on the Home page which has three subsections:. 1. Regular Rewards 2. Additional Rewards & 3. Special Features.
      In Regular Rewards there will be four sub headings :
      (i) Offer of the day
      (ii) Offer of the month
      (iii) Play Quiz .
      To get the activity bonus @ Rs 5.00 viewers need do these 3 activities.

      In Additional Income there are following sub Sections:. 

      (i) My VBA inbox
      (ii) Number Game
      (iii) Memory Booster Game
    • (iv) Predict Number Game
    • (v) HQC
      (vi) Tell a Friend
      (vii) Find Invite Friends.

      You can get additional reward points from these features and off course have fun.

      In Special features there are following sub Sections:.

      (i) Free SMS
      (ii) Monthly Horoscope
      (iii) Jokes (only viewing)
      (iv) Matrimonial
      (v) Twitter
      (vi) Get banners & Links
  • What is the definition of an active day ?

    • You will be rewarded @ Rs 5.00/day for the no of days they are active. If you are active for 10 days you will get Rs 50.00. The definition of an active day is to click all the Offer of the day,Offer of the month &  to play 10 quiz..

  • How to view offer of the day?

    • Step 1: Click on Regular Rewards and click on View Ads,
      Step 2: Click on all the offer.

  • How to view Offer of the month?

    • Step1: Go to Regular Rewards and click on offer of the month,
      Step 2: Click on the offer . View the offer .
      Step 3: Repeat the same procedure with the next offer also and view all the offer available to you

  • How to play quiz?

    • Step1: Click on " Regular Rewards ",
      Step 2: Click on "Play Quiz"
      Step 3: You will get 1 question. 60 seconds are provided to you to answer the question. Click on the correct answer.
      Step 4: Click on "Submit".
      Step 5: Click on "Next".

  • Is it compulsory to play quiz & view Offer every day ?

    • No. Its not . But you will loose the gift point you could earn by doing that. You are getting your team members points based on your activity on the portal. Quiz & Offer is also part of the activity & hence it is always advisable to play quiz & offer to make your activity 100%.

  • How to play Predict Number Game ?

    • 1.The system will randomly select one number (from 1 to 100), which you need to find out in 6 attempts based on logical clues. You will be gifted initially 2000 VBA Points to play the game every hour.
      2.You will have a choice to play the game with 25 to 100 points as your contribution to kitty based on your risk appetite and confidence to win, total points collected every hour will be distributed in winners proportionately, more points you add to the kitty, the chances of winning more points are there however if you could not predict correctly, you would loose points.

  • How can I redeem my PNG points?

    • If your net available balance in PNG is 2250 points or more, then only you can redeem the PNG points in multiple of 250 points (250/500/750 and so on). The points so redeemed can be seen in your main account statement page 3

  • What are the rules to play Number Game?

    • If total of your Mobile number or Lucky number you select, matches with the total of time you played, then you are a winner. If the sum of the digits of your mobile no is 5 and lucky number you selected is 8. You are winner if total of time you played is 5 or 8.
      For example:
      Time you Played:
      is 12:43:18:124 so total would be: 1+2+4+3+1+8+1+2+4=26=2+6=8
      Its matching so you are winner. Every time you win you will get 50 Gift Points.
      You can win maximum 500 Points daily in Number Game.

  • What are the rules of Memory Booster Game ?

    • You have to choose and place correct alphabet to complete the word within 90 seconds. You will get 10 points for every correct word .You can play 20 times in a day .If you score above 60% (20 times to play) you get bonus points also.

  • How can I get free mobile recharge from VBA?

    • You can recharge your mobile with the points over and above 2000 points from Memory Booster. If you have 2000 points in Memory Booster Game and you want to recharge your mobile. Then your mobile will be recharged by Rs 20.00 . Also you should have 40 points in your "Self Level" earned by viewing Offer of the day and Offer of the month and Play 10 Quiz to get your mobile recharged.

  • What if i don't want to have any recharge?

    • If your Net available balance in Memory Booster Game is 6000 points or more then you can transfer the points to your main account also(in multiples of 1000), if you don't want any recharge.

  • What is HQC contest? How to Play it?


      It is Hourly Quiz contest.

      Every hour you can participate in the quiz.

      You will have to made the contribution of  500 points to play. When first time you will participate you will get the 10000 points for participation from

      You need to reply only one question in one hour. If you will give correct answer you will be  be a winner.

      The no of people participated in that particular hour each will contribute 500 points to play. The total points collected during that hour will be distributed among all the winners. Suppose during 8.00 AM to 9.00 Am total 500 people participated so total collected points @ 500 points each participant will be 2,50,000 & there are 20 winners in that hour  then each winner will get 250000/20= 12500 points.

      Also you will get 5 % extra points for your VBA activity of that day. 


  • How can I redeem my HQC points?

    • If your net available balance is 3000 points or more, then only you can redeem the HQC points in multiple of 1000 points (1000/2000/3000 and so on). The points so redeemed can be seen in your main account statement page 3.

  • Bonus of Rs 50 ($1) for each Direct Referral:

    • You can refer as many as you want, UNLIMITED EARNING POTENTIAL!!Referral should be active user of portal; means should see all ads of their interest ,read positive news, view inbox mails and play all 25 quiz for any 15 days in next 45 days.Rs 50 will be credited only for genuine referrals.

  • What is the use of "Tell A Friend" option ?

    • You can send a request to your friends to join this unique concept by clicking the sent button. By this you can send 5 requests at a time.

  • What is the difference between “Tell a Friend” and “Find/Invite People” ?

    • By “Tell a Friend” option you can send only 4 requests at a time while thru "Find/Invite Friends" you can send the request to all your contacts in single click.