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Monthly Horoscopes : Libra (September 23 – October 22) Your Monthly Forecast AUGUST 2016

August is for play, so don’t even THINK of spending long hours at the office. Friends will begin to play a big part of your life once the new moon, August 2, appears. Saturn will be helpful to that new moon in Leo, so you may make a lifelong friend this month, or you may befriend an older person who can advise you on various topics in your life, or even become a mentor to you in business. The two weeks following this new moon, August 2, will be dotted with many lunches, dinners, visits to concerts and museums, sho… Read More

Monthly Horoscopes : Aries (March 21 – April 19) Your Monthly Forecast AUGUST 2016

Welcome to the wonderful month of August, sure to be filled with opportunity, especially in terms of love. The new moon, August 2, will be in Leo, about to shine in your house of true love, giving you your best opportunity of the year to find new love. If you meet someone intriguing, don’t spend a lot of time listening to friends’ opinions of your new date – give that person a chance to reveal his or her qualities to you before deciding. Your friends may not give you correct advice in the first two weeks of the m… Read More

Monthly Horoscopes : Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21) Your Monthly Forecast AUGUST 2016

Nothing makes a Sagittarian happier than the prospects of an exciting trip abroad. The sunny new moon of August 2 in fellow fire sign Leo will shine in your ninth house, which rules international travel and your relationships with people abroad. You may travel for pleasure or business, but either way, your trip will have positive, long-term developments. If you cannot travel, you may be making a deal with a company or individual abroad, and talking over the phone and email. Saturn, now in Sagittariu… Read More