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Monthly Horoscopes : Libra (September 23 – October 22) Your Monthly Forecast NOVEMBER 2016

Life is surely looking rosy now that you have Jupiter, the great good fortune planet, in Libra until October 2017. Weekend trips to nearby spots seems to be possible in the first week, even though you will likely have home and property decisions and actions to take at some point as you begin the month. November 7, when the Sun and Pluto are in contact, would be a fine time to settle those domestic matters. Also in early November, consider asking for a raise. The new moon of October 30 will still be strong in the month’s first ten days, making it the best time of 2016 to have an increase approved. If you are self-employed, gently raise your rates and justify your move to your clients or customers. If you are in the communications field – that is, if you write, speak, edit, teach, sell, do public relations or events, strategize marketing, write software or apps, or work in the travel industry for a living – you will do exceptionally well at the start of the month, for Jupiter will still be close enough to support your ruler, Venus, making this a very successful time for these matters. Push forward on any of these areas if your work only remotely has to do with any of them. You will get still another chance to focus on these same areas of communication and travel after the new moon of November 29, influential into the first half of December. This proves this accent on communication and travel will be quite a dominant one and will continue to enlarge in months ahead. Saturn is in this house, showing you where you can make enormous strides if you concentrate on honing your skills. Finances will also be a topic of conversation again at the full moon, November 14, the time when you will likely settle a negotiation, send out checks, and possibly receive money too. If you are in the process of accepting a new position, you will settle the benefits now. While you are thinking about income and outgo, have a look at your insurance policies to see if your need for coverage has increased or if you are carrying too much insurance. You can find a way to cut waste, and make any necessary changes your financial advisor feels would be wise to increase your holdings. At month’s end you may also be in touch with your sibling, who seems to have gone through a difficult time over the past year. Your sister or brother may be coming out of that phase. If you say that your sibling is still wrestling with a difficult situation, your sibling will be in the clear by the time next year (2017) draws to a close. No matter, this month it would be kind and thoughtful of you to check in with your sibling and if needed, offer emotional support or, if things are going well, your congratulations. Although it might look like you’ll be spending November exclusively focused on money, work, and honing your communication skills, in truth, romance will be the icing on the cake this month, for Mars, the sexy energy planet, will enter into your true love sector on November 8 and stay until December 19. This means that November might well be one of your favorites for enjoying outstanding episodes of love. Mars will be in Aquarius, a sign that blends supremely with your Libra Sun sign and is sure to stir up excitement in matters of the heart. If you are single, you will have reason to dress up and look your best, for Cupid may be around the next corner, zinging you with his arrow. If you’re attached, on November 26, when Uranus will contact Mercury, your partner could whisk you away on a sudden little journey and it will be filled with excitement. A lovely period for love is coming, dear Libra – just you wait and see.… Read More

Monthly Horoscopes : Aries (March 21 – April 19) Your Monthly Forecast NOVEMBER 2016

You will be thinking quite a bit about your finances this month. You may be wisely doing year-end tax planning to take advantage of all legal deductions, or you may be deciding on an overall budget for your holiday shopping. There is another strong possibility that you will be negotiating a compensation package at work for a new position, new title, or an exciting promotion. Mars, your ruler, is still moving through your tenth house of fame and honors, a place it took up at the end of September. Mars will… Read More

Monthly Horoscopes : Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21) Your Monthly Forecast NOVEMBER 2016

As the month opens, you seem to be in a reflective mood. This is perfect, for the most important part of any action is the thinking and preparation that takes place in the mind beforehand. Social scientists warn us that with the average person reaching for their smart phone at least 85 times a day (including to check the weather) along with our modern hectic lifestyles, that leave us too little time to stop and muse about various ongoing events and relationships. We also have almost no time to think about… Read More