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Monthly Horoscopes : Libra (September 23 – October 22) Your Monthly Forecast MAY 2017

It is May, when nature is at her prettiest – in full bloom – so it seems fitting that you bank account will blossom beautifully too. The first part of May will be magically financial in that you can find ways to increase your income and your investments, streamline your insurance needs, and find ways to get the most from your dollars. You seem to be investigating ways to tighten up spending by looking over your recurring costs to see if you can find any that you consider unnecessary or even wasteful. Examin… Read More

Monthly Horoscopes : Aries (March 21 – April 19) Your Monthly Forecast MAY 2017

You will like May far better than March and April. Venus is now moving direct, and by May 3, Mercury will also be moving forward in strong sure orbit. This means the delays that may have plagued you in March and April are now dissolving, and you can make future plans, confident that nothing is likely to pop up to derail them. In early May, conjure up the courage to ask for a raise. Your timing will be ideal, especially near May 9 when the Sun and Pluto will work together, helping you garner favor from VIPs. The p… Read More

Monthly Horoscopes : Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21) Your Monthly Forecast MAY 2017

You enter May very busy, for the sweet new moon of April 26 seems to have set in motion talks about a new and important assignment. While you will feel that every minute has to count, and will be motivated to push on many of the assignments that appear to be on the assembly line, coming down the pike. However, they’re being held up, so be patient – they are coming. Instead, you also might want to think about taking good care of your body, especially when you’re under stress. Mercury won’t go direct until May 3,… Read More