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Monthly Horoscopes : Libra (September 23 – October 22) Your Monthly March 2015

You’ve had ups and downs in love and relationships, but this month, it looks like your love life will be strong, smooth, and happy. Friends will form part of the activities of the month, for good fortune Jupiter will occupy one of the three legs of a glittering golden triangle that will appear in the sky. Jupiter will work directly with Uranus, planet of surprise, in your house of partner, and both will work with Saturn in your third house of travel. This configuration is as rare as it is positive, m… Read More

Monthly Horoscopes : Aries (March 21 – April 19) Your Monthly Forecast March 2015

Mars, Venus, and Uranus are all in Aries, giving you presence and boundless energy. A rare golden triangle is shaping up in the sky, linking planets that are all in fire signs like yours, giving you powerful support from both good fortune Jupiter and stabilizing Saturn. You are in a wildly creative phase, and you will be eager to share your ideas with the team or higher ups that matter to you. This golden triangle will help to protect you, and with Mars, your ruler, in your sign, you are clearly starting a n… Read More

Monthly Horoscopes : Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21) Your Monthly Forecast March 2015

March will be a rare month like none other you’ve seen in recent memory. You are a fire sign, and this month an unusual configuration of planets in the shape of a golden triangle, linking three parts of your life, will make those areas important and excitingly favorable or you. The planets that will form your triangle include your ruling planet, good fortune Jupiter, in your mind-expanding ninth house, which will stimulate your yen to travel. The second point of the triangle will hold Saturn, t… Read More